” While as men we were never tasked with creating problems we have the ability and duty to seek the balance intended in working alongside our women and resolving issues.

To do this it’s necessary to view them with respect, to see them as equals, not as chattel, not as someone to dominate.

If we would be strong as nations, as a people, it will result as it did in the past from knowing that hearts and devotion are given, not taken.

That harmony is productive- that it lends itself to the well being of communities and all who reside within them.

Historically our women have fought alongside of us when facing a common enemy-the existence of this form of abuse is also a common enemy and a few good men need to fight alongside the women as they wage this battle-in doing so a message will be sent and others will join……others like true warriors and last real indians.”

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hearts on the ground

Truth of the matter is our women have had their hearts ripped from their chest, thrown to the ground, and trampled upon.

The good news is they are picking them back up and like the Bionic Woman of television fame becoming stronger- the shame is that for the most part they are having to do it themselves while “warriors” posture and devote their pursuits to other areas.

What has become an historical denigration and abuse of our women is an indisputable sign of assimilation-an adoption of the boat peoples attitude that women are chattel-a sort of servant indentured by the act of marriage or cohabitation-property to do with as the “owner” deems fit.

Yet the “warriors” are long on talk about tradition, sovereignty, and being nobodies puppet-they’ll bristle at the very implication that they display the telltale signs of assimilation.

Confusion reigns supreme-a confusion that has led to talking the…

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