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Marlene Blackwinter, and while many detractors wish I would just die, that’s not going to happen for a LONG time to come. So, all of my detractors, enemies and hasslers better just resign themselves to the fact I am here in this world to stay, and know a bit more about things than they think.
As some of you know, I was dead once, after the home-invasion incident a few years back when I was in ICU for  a week. I was full-flatline, both EEG & EKG for 3 minutes and 43 seconds.
That was an experience I Treasure, and I will always be more grateful than I can ever speak to the staff who didn’t give up on trying to resuscitate me…they kept the ‘door’ wedged open for me to come back and rejoin this world and Husband.
I could have remained there, and I was tempted, but I Chose to return because I would not accept the price of choosing to remain:
Breaking the heart of the Man I married ad who has given me such a terrific life and taught me so much.
I didn’t return for some ‘Great Purpose’, I came back out of love for the Man who gave me a a genuine Life instead of wasting my days in a 1 bedroom apartment in the city with a mind-numbing job as I was doing.

What was it like? Wonderful…but even now, years later, it is extremely difficult to frame in words. I don’t think it’s meant to be framed in words, as there just are NO words for aspects of that experience. That is why I speak little about it, I simply have very little that I am able to convey in the limits of language. It feels like being a mouse and trying to give a PhD. thesis on the collected history of Art and Science together.


I take my Native Aboriginal American ancestry seriously. I never sought it out, I found my way back to the Band of my Great-Grandmother by happenstance and marriage. It was only when I wore a bracelet and a necklace that I found in all the ‘remnant estate’ stuff that came from England that the Elders of the Band started getting curious.
Which led to things being asked, old heirlooms, letters and photographs found, compared, carefully assessed. And I learned who I was, where a significant part of m came from, and a very precious part of my Geneology and Family history I never knew about.

My Great-Grandfather came across from England for ONE reason; To find & marry a Native American woman, to record and study as much of Native culture as he could, as he knew it was rapidly being made Extinct. He came close to being killed more than once, but perservered, and eventually found my Great-Grandmother and her Band. He stayed two years, learning, living and studying before he left for England with her. In that time, he left an impression that exists even today as well as evidence in the form of personal possessions he left behind, that he had made Gifts of to Band members.

In England, he encouraged my Great-Grandmother to continue the Native Traditions and living as best as possible, and helped her do so as much as Humanly possible–and in that day and age, it could NOT (and was not) a simple matter.
He also worked out ways for her to send letters to her Band, some of those old letters exist even today, I’ve held them, read them, and while she missed her family, she was genuinely happy. In time, she had children, one of whom was my Grandmother, who went on to serve in WW2: She was with British Intelligence, and dropped alone into France to aid the French Resistance in getting up to speed and serious effectiveness. She was raised ‘Native’ by my Great-Grandmother, which made all the difference in her surviving that assignment and flourishing in it, very much to the detriment of Nazi Germany and more than a few Nazi soldiers..

Life led to my being born, and in time I met a rather Interesting Man, whom I would later marry…and whom is from the same Band as my Great-Grandmother, and also the conduit that led me me back to the land my Great-Grandmother walked and the people she loved. I don’t look Native, I have a ‘hand-me-down’ Brit accent, and was born to British parents who left England for Canada. I’m Norse-fair skinned and 6’3 in bare feet courtesy of my Grandfather who was just a hair over 7’0 himself.
I am the Last of my British/European lineage, which is now Extinct in Europe & Britain…but I am among Family, here in these lands I inadvertantly found my way Home to.
They have embraced me as family, love me, teach me and help me find my way deeper into our culture, the nuances of genuine understanding regarding the ‘how’, the ‘why’, the history. That I returned my Great-Grandmother’s blood to her lands & people, by happenstance, seems in some way quite significant to our Elders, but I am happy to hear is not ‘unique’ and is occuring more & more.

My loyalty is to my people, The First Peoples Of The Nations. That loyalty extends to & includes the documents known colloquially as the American Constitution also, as they carry a universal truth the Peoples Of The Nations have always known.
But, I give NO allegiance to any government but what we Native Aboriginal Americans are making for ourselves, and history will show plainly why I do not:

They do not deserve it.
They have done nothing to earn it.

They keep PROVING we are right in extending NO trust to them.


I’ve been speaking about them for a while, but saying Little (as per the expressed wishes of the Council) but I can now open the purse strings a bit more about information. Husband is FNN, as am I, but there are serious limits of information we possess for obvious reasons of security and I am just fine with that arrangement…what I do not know, I can not accidentally betray.

Insurgency 4 Liberty

I’ve been speaking about them for a while, but saying Little (as per the expressed wishes of the Council) but I can now open the purse strings a bit more about information. Husband is FNN, as am I, but there are serious limits of information we possess for obvious reasons of security and I am just fine with that arrangement…what I do not know, I can not accidentally betray.

1; The First Native Nations was founded immediately after WW2 by 13 Veterans from assorted Nations from USA and Canada.

2; The FNN takes as it’s Charter the collected documents together referred to as The American Constitution. The reason for such is that in those documents are time proven Truth that relate to all people. However, during any hostilities, the FNN will NOT extend it’s protections to enemies with an intent Contrary to The Constitution.

3; The FNN is media-apathetic. I…

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not being perfect myself and never having expected it of anyone, I’ve attempted to live my life with a measure of integrity and principles- I don’t think that is too much to expect of someone who attempts to portray themselves as a leader or“patriot”.
AIM’s desire has always been for people “to let that go”-to let go and forget the rampage at WK2, the murders of Annie Mae, Ray Robinson, and countless others-all which occurred as they were doing what they thought was “right”.

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Posted by rezinate on August 30, 2013

“Whether or not his lineage is true, or whatever backbiting happens in the community, you have to let that go. No person is perfect. Russell Means was a famous face that could bring attention to the plight of all peoples. It doesn’t really matter what his bloodwork says, or what some documents say, or what other people say about the human behind the concepts. He was a positive influence as much as he was a negative influence. Nit pick about whatever you want, but Russell did what he thought was right, and he preached a lot of great things. Again, not perfect, but I ask that you not throw stones. I doubt you are perfect either.”

“db-not being perfect myself and never having expected it of anyone, I’ve attempted to live my life with…

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So much of what of has gone on in ndn country since the formation of AIM and continues to this day in my opinion is the direct result of the negative influence of, and examples set by AIM, specifically the AIM leadership.

Such a statement will surely lead to howls of protest by some but nonetheless it is a reality that remains.

It’s impossible to say if the negatives would have occurred anyway, or to what extent, but the connection and rapid decline can be evaluated by using time as a metric.

In doing so and using the advent of AIM as a marker the connection is indisputable.

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Posted by rezinate on July 27, 2012

“Such the big shame this is and we have done nothing to deserve to be treated for this way.”

This above comment made by M+J in The Most Victimized Group In America blog that indigenous women have done nothing to deserve the decline in status and the abuses that followed has haunted me.

I see it as a plaintive cry, an expression of a collective misery given voice, a mourning song sweeping across Indian country-and a great shame heaped upon the nations that is suffocating us one and all.

We speak of the land as the mother who gives life and sustains us-it is the ultimate truth-and among the nations our women are the land-land where seeds are planted, land that nurtures and produces our continuation, and insures that we will remain.

A land that has always been the repository…

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Some folks in the Nations think there’s not a chance in hell of The People of The Nations ever achieving a meaningful future, and try to draw the threadbare weeds of despair about them a bit snugger.

Well, those folks are Wrong. That’s not just fluffy False-Talk, I’ll back it up.

Israel…now there is a nation we can look towards for Inspiration. Right about now, some of you bridle and are about to spout off about ‘poor palestine’ and how we Natives have ‘solidarity’ with palestine. Fine, ok, I will address that point.

Before you attack me in defense of the False-Talking squatters over there, I Challenge you to find me some Genuine, Validated Archeological evidence that Proves ‘palestine’ is ancient and the ancestral lands of ‘palestinians’.
Good luck finding it, there’s more evidence to support the existence of Atlantis.

Also, find the answers to these questions:

Israel - Cartoon - Quiz on Palestine

Now, back to Israel and how it applies to The Nations…

Israel built itself up out of the Desert. Consider that.
The Peoples of The Nations, hell, we live in a paradise of resources to work with, and we can do so WITHOUT destroying the lands our Ancestors walked and loved.
New energy technologies that show up combustion-based systems as the obsolete junk they are.
Aquaculture-linked Microfarming that allows for very impressive yields with none of the expensive and toxic chemicals that are commonly associated with farming.

In short, Reservations can become so much MORE and BETTER!! The Cores of Micronations…True steps towards Building our Sovereignty, ass individuals and as Nations.
We, the descendants of our Grandmothers and Grandfathers can make this happen for ourselves, our children, for the future of our Peoples and Nations–we CAN recuperate from the past!
I will remind you of one Esssential Truth that applies to The Peoples of The Nations so very fully and perfectly

“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Welcome to Canada…

On Jan. 19 2015 Journal de Montreal did a 7 page expose on the massive network of jihadi, terror, supremacy and infiltration of schools run out of mosques and government funded. Also expose on MAC and ISNA which are huge well funded organizations.

The Muslim Brotherhood and Terror Financing in Quebec (video) | Creeping Sharia.

“I give you bitter pills in sugar coating. The pills are harmless:the poison is in the sugar.” Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

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This must be a bitter pill to swallow for some along the great partisan divide, especially those who see Maddow as a dragon slayer of the opposition – finger pointing and attempting to shift the blame to the completely dysfunctional former administration won’t work this time, and would be clearly seen for what it is – an act of desperation, of denial.

I don’t know how much more obvious it has to be that beneath the lipstick, makeup, and cosmetics you won’t find a discernible difference when it comes to issues like this.

The Rule of Law doesn’t exist when it comes to government, nor do Constitutional restrictions, as they are routinely violated by creating “ad hoc” new ones to decriminalize the very things they engage in.

But politics being what it is one can only wonder if this will lead to another Nobel nomination?

And partisanship being what it…

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The Timbisha Shoshone Tribe, based in Death Valley California, is among those Indian nations enduring an especially long and nasty fight in its dealings with the United States and Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) – a 165-year long battle.  The latest conflict involves the BIA’s installation of its own so-called government for the Tribe.  This takeover of the Timbisha Shoshone Tribe’s government ignores the Tribe’s fundamental right of self-government, the inherent right of the Tribe to decide who is a member of the Tribe and how the Tribe will be governed.

            The BIA is again abusing its power over federal funds and Indian programs to take over and replace a federally recognized

Read the full article here…

The Interior Department’s Takeover of the Timbisha Shoshone Government | Indian Law Resource Center.

Men should remember this “out the door” and in doing so strive to teach their sons what it means to be a good man, to provide positive examples, one of which is to show respect for the mother who birthed them and do what it takes to be a provider in as much as they can.

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Posted by rezinate on March 22, 2014

I don’t know but it seems to me like some men are lacking a basic understanding of what it means and what it takes to be a good man, for others it just doesn’t appear to be a priority.

Mother’s and hopefully fathers attempt to instill a set of values, but at some point each son will become his own man, live his own life, and make his own decisions.

A part of this upbringing will be influenced by the community they live in, the values it holds, and the level of respect shown to others.

It isn’t uncommon when trouble arises for a parent(s) to say they didn’t raise their son that way – whether true or not if a child is living at home when they’re out the door in their daily pursuits parental “oversight”…

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What interests me is in these dollar stores you can find a name brand product available at a significantly lower price.

If you look at the label and information it is written in Spanish – the clear indication is the same product if labeled in English and marketed directly in the U.S. comes with a higher price tag.

Companies don’t sell at a loss, neither do stores. They may claim they do for tax purposes but they don’t. And that begs the question what are the profit margins? What level is acceptable in a foreign market and what on home ground? How much gouging takes place?

Obviously it is higher in the U.S. for the same item than elsewhere.

Obama is heading to India for a conference, a part of the agenda is related to pharmaceuticals India manufactures, maintains a high level of quality in doing so, and yet markets them for a significantly lower price. Specifically drugs related to the treatment of HIV.

Another example is the same drugs manufactured in this country by the same company are sold in Canada for less.

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We live in a world of statistics and polls – either can be a social barometer, but I think also can be misleading depending on who presents them and how they are conducted.

You can find a poll or statistics to support any position you may take if you look long enough.

I’m always a little suspicious when they involve politics, figuring there may be an attempt to put some lipstick on the pig and manipulate.

In the last election polls favored the Reps to win a majority in the House and Senate, and they did. In the last presidential election depending on who you talked to and what polls you favored both sides were predicting victory and it was the Dems who won.

Loyalty can be a good thing, something honorable, but it can also be misplaced – that’s kind of the way of it in the human condition.

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