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So here is the address and phone of NY Journal “calumnist” Dwight R. Worley who published all of the HOME ADDRESSES of Law Abiding Conceal Carry Gun Owners of the entire state of NY:

Dwight R Worley
23006 139 Ave
Springfield Gardens, NY 11413

But you might want to call him first to let him know you’ll be dropping in: (718) 527-0832

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Why I hate Islam

Sven Ganske

1. I hate the stupid fact that when Islam says it means peace (actually it means ‘submission’ as in like a slave contextually) it contradicts its self by telling its followers to kill and get rid of those who not believe in ” la ilaha ilallah wa Mohammad en rasuallah ” ( there is no god but Allah AND MOHAMMAD WAS HIS MESSENGER).

2. I hate there argument to everything being ” oh well Islam is the fastest growing religion ” … blah blah blah

3. I hate that you breed faster than lice due to your blinded view on religion where men can rape women and divorces are mile high. and when the children subject is brought up your excuse is ” allah is creating more soldiers (boys) to fight for Islam”

4. I hate that Muslims don’t even know about their own religion and haven’t even read the whole Quran yet pick up the other’s religious book to find “issues” yet when the people of other religions say we read the Quran and it said this and this suddenly its that we ” misinterpreted what it said ”

5. I hate Islam because if you hate it, your seen as either possessed , a person from hell or that Muslim is planning to kill you .

6. I hate how forcibly you put religion onto your children with girls wearing scarves at the ages of 3!

7. I hate how you support Hitler and that you believe he was a blessing from god to kill all those innocent Jews.

8. I hate it when someone reads the whole of the Quran and says it’s a load of garbage that Muslims say that “they don’t know anything about what Islam really is ” huh … i just read your holy book mate.

9. I hate the honor killings , force marriages , exaggerated dress code and slavery towards women

10. I hate how Mohammad preformed no miracles at all yet he was supposed to be believed in after Jesus said there will be false prophets to come.

11. I hate how they see hope for any Muslim and wish them success yet the most pious humble man of any other religion is scum.

12. Not all Muslims are terrorists but let’s be honest 99.999% of terrorist and honor killings are done my Muslims.

13. I hate that they can be prostitutes, strippers, lap dancers, heavy partygoers and drug addicts yet are still seen as a good Muslim because they fast bloody Ramadan.

14. I hate the fact then when a Muslim finishes reading this they will say “stafruallah” and that I’m most probably the devil for giving my view.

15. Multiple wives per man …what more can i say ?

16. I hate Islam because its the opposite of peace , people follow it because its the most threatening holy book on earth and its so contradicting its stupid

17. I hate it because its makes the word love sound like hell

18. I hate it because, Islam is responsible for rampant corruption, widespread misrule, implausible tyranny, mindless terrorism, unrelenting violence and pervasive social injustice in the Muslim world.

Ditto here.
Any questions?

Declaration of the 2nd Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms and Intentions to Resist Confiscation of Firearms | Return The Constitution To It’s Rightful Place As The Law Of The Land |

In Israel, teachers carry guns to protect the kids in their charge. Here, the same thing would have very easily prevented the recent tragedy. Disarmamentalists continue to think gun control is a good idea when it’s been proven over and over again throughout history and the world that it simply does not work. I carry myself, as does Husband. I have been thoroughly and properly trained to handle a gun in combat and anyone else could be taught the same. Am I a danger? No, here’s why. I’m not going to haul out my gun unless I have to, say to stop a gun-wielding rogue, or if another extremely desperate situation develops where I need it’s capabilities. I carry a S&W Governor, loaded with .410 shells, #5 shot. This offers enormous stopping power at Defense Ranges, but removes much of the risk downrange on a missed shot.

Now, lets look at Facts.

Fact; Historically and Globally Disarmamentalism have been shown over and over without fail to be of benefit ONLY to criminals as crime rates go up dramatically and remain elevated near-immediately after guns are banned/severely restricted.

Fact; An armed Citizenry has been proven time and time again to be a very effective deterrent to crime in both number of incidents and severity.

Fact; The Leftists/Disarmamantalists/anti-gun types KNOW this and continue to willingly espouse and speak anti-gun rhetoric in flagrant disregard of the Facts.

Fact; Disarmamentalists/Leftists/anti-gun types enshrine criminal’s rights above those of Citizens, hamstring Cops and the Legal system to the point that they are no longer effective deterrents to criminality.

Fact; In knowingly and willingly speaking anti-gun rhetoric and working to restrict guns more and more or ban them, Leftists/Disarmamentalists/anti-gun types are knowingly Aiding & Abetting Criminality, and are Complicit to such events as the recent school shooting in that they have knowingly removed all effective deterrents to criminality and people’s ability to protect themselves. They are, in Fact, willingly Enabling Criminal actions against Citizens.

These people are selling us out to criminals, and are so smugly self-righteous that they think it’s proper to do so. They are insane…or so stupid that it equates to the same thing. In the end, it’s us, the Citizens and our children who pay in blood and heartbreak for their PolCorr, failure-ridden idealism. How many more children and people have to die before they wake up and accept the Facts of the situation??

Not one more.

Leftism, Political-Correctness, and rampant Liberalism has taken our civilization to a Crisis Point, and it’s time to rein in the Usurping Leftists and hold them all accountable for the Treason they have practiced against us and our children. The UN is quite complicit to all this as well.

To all you Leftists…yes, I know you’ll make your rabid and rambling threats, just like islamics do whenever someone dares to speak against them. Go ahead, feel free.

Attempt to follow through and make good on your threats and you will accept the consequences of doing so.

You get the One Warning. That was it.

Hagel’s actions as senator are evidence of his hostility toward Israel:

•    In August 2006, Hagel was one of only 12 Senators who refused to write the EU asking them to declare Hezbollah a terrorist organization.

•    In October 2000, Hagel was one of only 4 Senators who refused to sign a Senate letter in support of Israel.

•    In November 2001, Hagel was one of only 11 Senators who refused to sign a letter urging President Bush not to meet with the late Yasir Arafat until his forces ended the violence against Israel.

•    In December 2005, Hagel  was one of only 27 who refused to sign a letter to President Bush to pressure the Palestinian Authority to ban terrorist groups from participating in Palestinian legislative elections.

•    In June 2004, Hagel refused to sign a letter urging President Bush to highlight Iran’s nuclear program at the G-8 summit.

•    And here’s what the anti-Israel group, CAIR wrote in praise of Hagel: “Potential presidential candidates for 2008, like Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Joe Biden and Newt Gingrich, were falling all over themselves to express their support for Israel. The only exception to that rule was Senator Chuck Hagel…” [Council on American-Islamic Relations, 8/28/06]

•    In 2009, “Hagel signed a letter urging Obama to open direct negotiations with Hamas…”

•    In 2007 Hagel wanted to open direct, unconditional talks with Iran. (“It could create a historic new dynamic in US-Iran relations, in part forcing the Iranians to react to the possibility of better relations with the West.”) In 2007 he voted against designating the Iranian Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization.”

•    In 2008, Hagel single-handedly killed an Iran sanctions bill in the waning days of the congressional session. (The bill in question was actually sponsored by then-Senator Obama!)

Read more here:

Islamic Terrorists rejoice at the prospect of Obama’s likely anti-Israel nominee for Defense Secretary | BARE NAKED ISLAM.

Far from being the lock-step GOP ground troop some in the media have suggested it is, the tea-party movement includes people of many different ideologies … but this element is most unusual.

WND has discovered a Muslim activist organization that claims to be working from within the tea party to counter the movement’s “Islamophobia.”

The group Muslims4Liberty, however, also decries American “greatness,” accuses the U.S. of “war crimes,” espouses seemingly anti-Israel ideology and slams the “evangelical and conservative Jewish bloc” of the Republican party.

‘Tea party’ group fights for Islamic causes.

I don’t trust them, and here’s why; You cannot trust muslims. They lie, all the time, and then lie about the fact that they lie. Muslims are only telling the truth when making threats or when trying to kill you. Also, it’s NO secret that every zakat-paying muslim is a supporter (knowingly & willingly) of terrorist groups as a very large percentage of zakat goes to financing terrorist groups and supplying them with weapons. If you finance terrorism, you are complicit in it as much as if you pulled the weapon’s triggers yourself. I have washed my hands of tolerance for islam and muslims after the recent attack on our city and the Pagan community by muslims. One church burned to the ground, the synagogue damaged extensively (funny how it happened during Hannukah, muzzies making a point?) and the armed assault on the Pagan community that saw three Pagans wounded and two islami gunmen killed, with the rest wounded and taken into detention, by the Pagans, to stand trial sentencing under Pagan Law. There was also extensive gamage done to the community by explosive devices incorporating incendiary elements also.

Chuck Schumer, one of the most anti-gun Senators in Washington D.C., obtained a permit to carry for self-defense.

Can u say ‘Hypocrite’….


Political Elite with Concealed Carry Permits a Symptom of “Only Ones’ NOT Support for Gun Rights.

“Filthy effing soapboxers…the bodies aren’t even cold yet amd you’re on  you’re anti-gun campaign…you as much as MURDERED those children as had the teacher been armed, some or all of the kids would be alive. I DARE you to print/approve this because it will be going up on my page and blogs…if you do not answer, it will be a public statement of culpability.”

What I posted here;

Wanna bet they don’t have the bollocks to post my statement??


  • Marlene Wilkins Blackwinter YOU are guilty of the children’s deaths. the blood of them is on YOUR hands. YOU call for disarmament and leave children wide-open to such predators…they died because of you!! You as much as murdered those children yourselves. You are Svoluch Pestutskaya.
    Unable to post comment.
  • Marlene Wilkins Blackwinter YOU are guilty of the children’s deaths. the blood of them is on YOUR hands. YOU call for disarmament and leave children wide-open to such predators…they died because of you!! You as much as murdered those children yourselves. You are murderers.
    Unable to post comment.
  • Marlene Wilkins Blackwinter funny how anything anti-Brady is ‘Unable to Post’. No problem, I’ll post ot across 20+ Social nework platforms and my blogs, including how fbook suppresses free-speech.
    Unable to post comment.
    Disarmament = Infanticide.
    The Brady Campaign is selling your children’s lives out for their political agenda.

I figured I’d speak about myself because some folks might be curious and it’s rude to leave questions hanging. I’m not doing this from Vanity, merely to extend a courtesy to those who might be curious but feel it rude to ask questions.

‘Wilkins’ is a derivation and a modification of my Maiden name, selected as it’s easy to remember and guarantees persenal security. After making one mistake regaring online safety a few years back that nearly got me beaten and kicked to death in our home while Husband was away on business, well…Lesson Learned.

I was raised in a very Pragmatically-minded household, and taught to question and to never be afraid to adjust my worldview as new information enters the picture. My parents (May they Rest in Peace) also raised me with a logical and open view of sexuality, to enjoy it, to be free about it, and also to recognize the responsibilities that go with it.

My home life is odd by many standards. Our Lifestyle is Alternate in many ways. We are a Polygamous household, Brianna and Lhana sought us out and we gave a GREAT deal of consideration and thought before accepting them. But, in the end, they have brought so much to our lives (I mean far more than mere sex) that accepting them in was a decision that was very much among the best Husband and I ever made. Polygamy is something any have a problem with on religious grounds. That’s fine, so far as it goes. We are a Pagan household and honor the Ancient Ways. Brianna and Lhana are married to Husband under Pagan Law and Rite, by their choice, and we did not make it easy–we made them wait a full onth to ensure that it wasn’t some spur-of-the-moment thing. In the fial analysis, Brianna is very much the ‘tech girl’ and works with Husband on his personal projects and assists with Contracts as much as security requirements allow. Lhana, she has a very fine and sharp mind for Business, and is a great help as we work towards founding our own company. Brianna and Lhana come from backgrounds that are rather inpleasant, and here they have found Love, respect and their Intellects are appreciated and valued.

I do NOT espouse or encourage, nor discourage, Polygamy…I am simply stating that is works for us. We had the choice to make and we did. For child-rearing, it means that there’s six eyes watching and never shall neglect enter the picture. Legally, Brianna and lhana have all the rights as wives by some careful and detailed work by our Lawyer. So, if something happens to me, like death, I know that Husband will not be left without ‘backup’ if something should befall him and he needs voices to speak for him. Also, with Brianna and Lhana, we have 2 women of sharp minds to fill key roles in our company-to-be. Knowing that they will be handled by people we Trust.

I love my off little family and if any attack such as ‘ungodly’ or an ‘abomination’ I remind you now that this dynamic offers many benefits to all involved and no negatives. Brianna has been taken from working inna casino to being a sign-maker where she gets better hours, pay and benefits while able to indulge her Artistic leanings–Husband made the arrangements. Lhana, likewise, went from being essentially slave labour at KFC to Head Supervisor of a local quick-service food company where she is respected, listened too, and gets better hours and benefits. Instead of pying ‘rnt’ the girls both have accounts with where their ‘rent’ is deposited in accounts for their future benefit–something that Husband also arranged.

As you can plainly see, they are NOT being taken advantage of.

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