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I replied on a post and made a comment regarding how obama’s meth-spiked cocaine habit is killing him and that it’d be safer to snort drain-cleaner than that crap…

WELL…little miss Liberal obamawhore got Butthurt about what I said and managed to get me blocked/banned for an Unknown duration…longer that 24 hours I’m pretty sure, and as this happened last night…I cannot Like, Share, Post…except via through my blogs like this one and the connectivity.

Now, as for you obama-lovers out there…you better all stick your noses in the wind and pay attention to it’s changes…this is NOT your world, and the Americas are NOT your lands.

And Jimmy Carter, the worthless, gutless sack of crap he is, and how he’s heading a fundraiser for Hamas….well, he made his choice.


One ‘British’ man currently fighting for ISIS in Syria has claimed that the UK should be frightened of the skills he has learned there.

A Twitter account thought to belong to Nasser Muthana, 20, has a picture showing what appear to be improvised explosive devices in a garage.

The caption reads: ‘So the UK is afraid I come back with the skills I’ve gained.’

He also describes himself as a ‘soldier of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham’, and has previously spoke of jihad as ‘obligatory’.


Personal Statement:

This muzzie drainclog better very seriously think twice, and BLOODY carefully if he wants to go down that road. People are increasingly waking up to the fact that when dealing with islam, it’s ‘Kill or be killed’.

That said, people like myself already have begun. Where I live, Al-Quaeda goons have been trying to ignite more jihad-forest-fires, close to our city, the Tribal lands and the Paganic Enclave. With the prevailing winds, such fires set in the very dry forest area would have a similar effect to a small nuke, and would be out of control almost from time of ignition.

We’ve been dealing with them ourselves, in a very direct means, as this is War. a deliberately-set forest fire of the types that A-Q have been doing are the equivalent of WMDs, and using such is not only a War Crime, it’s also a Open act and declaration of War.

So, we take it as what it is, and deal with it accordingly.

How does this apply to Britain?

There’s a movement among us Native Aboriginal Americans, and we are Reclaiming OUR ancestral lands. When we have cleaned them out of islam and socialists…we will be going to Australia, UK and other nations to aid them in ‘Encouraging’ islam to Leave.

We don’t do Political Correctness, we don’t give a damn what Liberals and such have to say, and we don’t waste time talking to islam beyond “Leave our lands or face the consequences for defying us.”
Do we wave cutesie protest signs and such?

NO, we have spent over 2 Centuries ‘talking’ and ‘protesting’…and what’s it gotten us?


More of the same shit we’ve been dealing with for 200+ years…but NO MORE.


So, all you jihadi out there, thinking of coming to or returning to the Americas and other non-American western nations, with your plans on causing trouble…


We have been building and organizing and training since end of WW2…you think you have skills??

And save the crap about: “islam isn’t your enemy”…yes, you are and nothing you say with your False-Talk will change the facts or islam’s history, or annul the Open Declaration of War.

We KNOW what your planning and intent is, and do NOT dare to tell us what we think, see, understand, or make the mistake  to ‘speak for us’…

We Speak for Ourselves now…NO one else will ever speak for us again.

Here’s some Truth about the Wendigo called ‘islam’…


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