BUT why is the above being mentioned? And what does it have to do with Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s terror-tied brother? Everything.

IT has already been proven that Barack HUSSEIN Obama is aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia.

SIMILARLY, Malik Obama is more than hooked into the Brotherhood and he is an important fixture and deal maker. Indeed, even Egyptians are transfixed by all the tie-ins with Obama Inc and Egypt’s Brotherhood Mafia! Time and again, this site exposed said linkage.

ATOP said explosive nexus, how many know that Repub insiders are acting as shields for Obama and his half bro’s Sudanese fronted nonprofit?

SO the main questions become:

Number One:

Adina Kutnicki

Malik_MontageIT is hardly a secret that U.S. intelligence agencies – of which the CIA and NSA play/manipulate at center stage – operate as separate entities. Yes, they are bureaucratic behemoths and turf struggles abound, often to the detriment of the mission at hand. Yet, at the same time, their work may very well overlap. It just depends. 

SPECIFICALLY, as most realize, the CIA is tasked with conducting foreign intelligence operations. On the other hand, the NSA is in charge of making and breaking codes, and also intercepts communications abroad. Its acronym is SIGINT, a discipline which this investigative journalist couldn’t “make or break” in two lifetimes. We all have our strong suits, and there is no pretense that technological expertise is one such domain. Laughable.

THAT being said, a deep understanding of geo-politics and the Muslim Brotherhoodin toto (including, Islam’s political and cultural “norms” too) can be found…

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