I normally work through Blogger, but as much as I like Blogger, it’s always nice to have something as a backup in case something happens, and things do happen in this world.

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I’ll be learning my way around the control features here, so it’s gonna be a mess for a while as I settle in.

I mainly do Sci-Fi, but do delve into Erotic writing now and then for fun, and because ‘It’s There’ so why not write about it? By nature, I’m a very sexual and open-minded woman–although there are some lines I won’t cross–but those borders aside, there’s nothing about sex or sexuality I find troublesome.

Granted, my personal tastes seem a bit odd to some folks, but within the realm of BDSM they’re perfectly normal. Yes, Husband and I are in one of ‘Those’ relationships, and I say ‘Husband’ the way some other women say ‘Master’. That in mind, sometime in the future, if I’m ever bold enough, I might put some True-Life writings here and on my Blog dedicated to Eroticism in general.

MAY-be…sometime. 😉