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Basic Concept

Aquaponics is a food production system based upon mother-nature’s own method of recycling fish waste by feeding it to plants. In a nutshell, that’s the bare-bones definition. You should also know it is highly adaptable to home-based use, is low maintenance, produces very high amount of food/area (food density), and requires very little external inputs.

How it Works – Layman’s Version

Live fish are grown in a tank. Tank water, which contains fish waste, is pumped from the tank to grow-beds. Grow beds are simple containers filled with gravel and which have plants planted in them on top. Gravel in the grow beds will naturally come to host bacterial colonies which will convert fish waste into plant food. Plants consume the food, water is returned to the fish tank via gravity, and you get to eat organically grown fruits, vegetables, and fish. The fish are happy because their water is kept clean. The plants are happy and grow quickly because they are receiving nutrients 24/7, and you should be happy and healthy having access to home-grown, organically produced food. The only external inputs to the system are electricity and fish food – however even the fish food can be system-grown.

How it Works – Detailed Explanation

You need not understand anything more than the layman’s explanation above in order to get started with Aquaponics. However, a little more knowledge certainly doesn’t hurt and will help you understand how the system works.

Aquaponics takes advantage of mother-nature’s own methods to convert fish waste into plant food. At the heart of this system is what is commonly referred to as the Nitrogen Cycle.

Nitrogen is an essential element necessary for life on Earth as we know it. The Nitrogen Cycle is a series of chemical processes whereby nitrogen from the environment is consumed by living organisms and processed into various different nitrogen-based chemical forms. This is accomplished via a chain of living organisms, each utilizing nitrogen in some way to live, and converting it into another nitrogen-based chemical structure which is then needed by another organism. In this way, nitrogen is continually cycled from the environment, through the biological system, and back into the environment.


Peak Certainty, Food Resilience, and Aquaponics | Peak Prosperity.


So, the close-call I had with blindness is now in the past. It wasn’t anything major as far as a flaw went, just five points in each eye where very small arteries and veins had connected before they were supposed to…’detouring’ oxygenated blood from fully reaching some key areas of the front of the eye and the retina.

Simple to fix, but with NO room for error…5 tiny laser pulses to close off the ‘detour’ points was all it took…but it was where they were in my eyes that made things tricky.

So post-op, means eye exercises 5 times a day that work out the eye’s ability to focus and such…not that hard to do obviously, but like any form of exercise it’ll increase blood flow and in this case it’ll also help correct any latent effects from the ‘detour’ flaws. Also, the usual admonitions to ‘take it easy’ and such…fine, I’ll take that advice. I had a taste of near-blindness, that was enough for me.



We’re getting closer every day to building the powerplant. However, before we begin, some aspects of construction MUST be built/tested/analyzed to make absolutely certain they can withstand the wind-loading forces. Here in Alberta, we get some strong winds, with ‘Bursts’ now and then where it can (and has) reached almost 100 MpH.

When you consider how solar panels can act as impromptu ‘sails’, and you have to build with such wind forces in mind there’s not much room for error. Also, while we are using smaller wind turbines which are considerably more resilient than those gigantic eyesores other companies are so fond of, they still need be to modified to cope with such extreme overspeed risks. Meaning some Custom components will be needed and contractors for such need to be found. I will say that the wind turbines we will be using are Bird-Safe. We take environmental impact VERY seriously…as example, for the hydraulic systems, we have sourced out environmentally-friendly, Biodegradable hydraulic fluid. This is also why we insist on building in an existng Industrial zone, and have put years of work into compressing collection-ability down to the smallest land-use footprint possible.

We are taking a wholly new approach to Solar & Wind energy, and cannot afford a mistake, mis-step. We are building something we want people to be able to find confidence and sense-of-security in. So, we are not cutting corners, but we are also VERY cost-conscious and every dollar put in must get the best it can.

People want Solar & Wind energy to be made every bit as reliable and inexpensive as Coal/Gas/Nuclear energy…and we can deliver this, and better.

Hi, everybody.

Some of you may have heard about the fire a few days ago at Ark Animal Sanctuary in Maine. 17 FIV and FeLV kitties were tragically killed.


Ark is a no-kill, all-volunteer shelter.

As those of you who come to this page know, there are many more “unadoptable” special-needs cats and dogs–like Homer Blind WonderCat–out there than there are loving humans willing to give them forever love and care the way Ark does.

I know that times are hard for everybody, but if those of you with a dollar or two to spare could be one of Homer’s Heroes and help Ark Animal Sanctuary rebuild, they would be deeply grateful for your support. You can make a donation by following this link and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Many, many thanks to you all!

Facebook Post:

Kindred Spirits Animal Network is a non-profit 501c3 no-kill cat rescue in Mazomanie, Wisconsin.

Soon we will be losing our building that houses approximately twenty cats; some of which are special needs, semi-ferals and ferals which makes them less adoptable to regular homes.

We are in great need of assistance from shelters and sanctuaries.

The sanctuaries would be for our cats with behavioral issues. Please let us know if you would be able to take any of our residents, or if you would be able to refer us to another rescue.
Please help save our kitties; we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Our website has a link to so you can view our kitties:

For more information, send us an inbox message or contact us through our website.

Facbook is just making it easier and easier for us to put a stake through it’s heart with OUR plans to Supercede it.

Facebook eradicated organic promotions. Now we see what they want us to see..

In the following, I speak as Harbinger, at the request of those I represent.

I am their Voice.

Marlene Wilkins Blackwinter

Witch of The First Circle

Consecrated to Hekate


Islam, so very many years have we battled and fought…

Our finest opponent, the Universe accepts all who live fiercely, who defend their offspring, who build and struggle and grow, and even those who dominate – as muslims have dominated; Cruelly. Callously, without Wisdom, Compassion or Intelligence.

But for all of us, there is a time like this…

Know this, relentless enemy, killer of our children. Slaves of muhmad. Soon you will face the enemy you have never suspected, and you will be afraid.

islam, you claim to be a ‘religion of peace’, and speak of tolerance, understanding–and you claim the islamic texts forbid murder, jihad in the capacity of harming life.

Tell that to the millions of dead.

The Liberals, worldwide, have corrupted our governments, our social systems. They bullied and forced the passage of disastrous decisions in defiance of those who have entrusted them with authority and the privilege of serving them. They took upon themselves the capacity of final authority out of arrogance, conceit and based their decisions on deal-making and influence-peddling to pander to islam and other anti-civilizational and anti-Human interests, and in so doing, they brought this sickness to our shores.

But for all of us, there is a time like this…

You who think are unassailable, untouchable, beyond the reach of Justice in corrupting the Courts and Law, you think you are ‘Safe’. You have spent decades of time in you little machinations, selling out and betraying your own peoples and for what amounts to a delusion of ‘power’ and meaningless paper you think represents wealth. You increasingly claim more and more ‘authority’ over people, Sovereign and Sentient beings that you have NO authority over in point of fact. You undermine and increasingly attempt to deny the Innate Birthrights of Sentient Life, those are detailed in the American Constitution, a unique document, and the Prime Source for an Improved version we will be making Global–time has shown where you attacked it, and now we know how to make it inviolable.

You failed Tyrants, Dictators, Theocratosts and would-be god-kings….you think you’re Safe? You comfort yourselves with lies and delusions about the nature of the world, your ability, your ‘influence’ and your plans. You think your bunkers and strongholds make you unreachable, unassailable, Safe…

You are not.

As the Dinosaurs before you understood, in their final days as Extinction overwhelmed those who failed to adapt and evolve…

But for all of us, there is a time like this…

…And for you, that time is now.

Hekate NO surrender

You think that you’re going to invade our nations, and then dictate to us under cover of PolCorr how WE are to live in regards to your demands.

You think that all Western Women will be made into slave-breeders under shari’a and comport ourselves as you would have us be by your vile and abominable shari’a.

You think you can bully our leaders with riots and terrorism…

You think you can use forest fires for jihad.

You think you operate unopposed?

150408_371002966297597_644698607_n dalailama



You Are Wrong. Cataclysmically Wrong, and insanely deluded.

You are Prey for us. Yourselves, your mosques, maddrassas…and we will do whatever we need to in order to remain Human and free of islam, it’s Totalitarianistic Authoritarianism and it’s atrocity exhibition. We can and will do whatever is needed to End islam this century–for all time. The same will be done with your ‘allies’, Marxism and all it’s forms and derivations. Yes, modern Liberals are more properly Marxist-Communists than anything else, and Fascists–and as we saw in the 20th century, that ideology leads inevitably to Democide. In the meantime, they sell us out to you, betray us and pander to you.

Thus, we no longer consider the various governments relevant, and indeed they’d best remain outside the conflict, as there is nothing for them in assisting you–aside from their Executions and Exile along with you islam, to somalia.

We are not alone, Know that. We are also an enemy unlike any you have faced before and you ‘warriors of allah’ are so frail and incompetent that engaging them is very nearly an insult to us–thus, we see this more as ‘Pest Control’ and erdicating a dangerous infestation.

Yes, we know how you see non-muslims…and here is how we see you: We see you as The Enemy, ‘The Flood’…invasionary, Inimical, utterly Inhuman, and deserving of nothing but a final End. islam is wholly without a single redeeming trait or quality–history has proven this out and all claims of ‘islamic greatness’ have all been exposed as Lies. islam consumes and spreads…it is Cancer, nothing but. It doesn’t build nations, accomplishes nothing of significance in bettering quality of life for Humanity. Instead, it is Discriminatory and Supremacistic–and dangerous.

We can and will End islam and Marxism. The age of Tyrants has started it’s close. This is The Time of Changes, and is the start of The Human Renaissance. Humanity is taking another step forward in it’s maturation–and we will NOT allow Humanity to be further endangered by islam, Marxist-Communist governments or anything of such ilk.

islam, you are no more a religion than marxism is…this has been revealed. You have decieved Humanity for 1400 years, and now it ends, and soon…so will islam.

islam and you subscribers to Marxism and PolCorr can either accept Exile and Quarantine in somalia–or we will Annihilate you outright. We KNOW what you’re planning, what your intent is…and when we stated NO more Genocides, Democides or Tyranny…we were not making a joke. Humanity is Protected. If you force our hand, then we will End you, and such will be your own fate, of your own doing, choice, and in making us do so, you accept the consequences of your choice to come against us and continue with your attempts against Humanity and it’s Innate Birthrights, chief and foremost of such being Liberty.

We are NO longer giving The Warning. It was given, and that’s that.

Know this, islam, Marxists, Tyrants…

…you think you’re safe?

You Are Not.

We are Everywhere.

We are Everyone.

And we will fight for Humanity to the last drop of your blood and the last death-rattle wisp of your breath. The world population cries out against both of you…and we hear them.

Exile & Quarantine…or Annihilation. That’s your choice.

Obama’s a muzzie, and as we all know, they are mainly Homosexual, and living in denial about it…going so far as to claim they’re ‘widening their rectums’ for jihad purposes.

Yes…muzzie males LOVE the hard cock.

So, one MUST ask…considering islam’s views on women…and Obama has daughters that are VERY seldom seen and NEVER interviewed…exactly what is ‘daddy’ Obama’s relationship with them???

Given the 1400 years of Proven and dedicated Inbreeding in islam…well, one has to question just how safe Obama’s daughters are.

They could be Pregnant right now…and NO one would know, right?

Pregnant with ‘daddy’ Obama’s jihad-babies…because as has been revealed, any damnable thing is ‘permissible’ so long as it’s for islam/jihad…one and the same, really.

I would ask Social Services to pay a visit to the White House, with proper Military escort, and ascertain the genuine status of Obama’s daughters.

You recall I mentioned that islam had declared Open War on Humanity, Nature and Life itself…

Well, this is what I was speaking about.

Remember, islam declared War…and we’re going to End It, and islam.

You Limp-Lefties who so adore islam…remember this: Sympathize with islam, act on islam’s behalf, and you will be treated as islam is going to be treated.

In short, Exile or Annihilation. If you love islam so much, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the Somalia islam Quarantine Zone where you can be best-buddies with them forever.

Public Secrets

A while back, when it seemed like all Colorado was afire, I wrote about the possibility of “forest jihad,” a form of war against the West advocated by al Qaeda as part of a death by a thousand cuts strategy — destroying resources, morale, etc. And while acts of forest jihad were suspected in Europe, Israel, and Australia, there were no claims of responsibility for wildfires in the Great Satan, that is, us.

Until now:

A Palestinian jihadist group known as Masada al-Mujahideen took credit for the [Arizona] fires in a statement that was obtained and translated by Search for International Terrorist Entities (SITE) Intelligence Group, according to the Clarion Project.

The terror group claims that the fires are a reprisal for Israel’s “occupation” of what they say are Palestinian lands.

Nineteen firefighters have been killed while fighting the blaze.

“We had previously announced an unconventional war against the…

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