As I write this, there’s some things to keep in mind in the face of islam rampaging around and such.

Humanity is inexorably getting closer to leaving the cradle and going out into the Galaxy.

Humanity, is growing up. This is the dawn of The Human Renaissance, a new age for Humanity, as is becoming a Toddler a ‘new age’ for an infant. Humanity has a LONG ways to go, and will pursue it’s Destiny on down the long road of millenia to come.

1: Even ‘Nay-Say NASA’ is doing serious research into this:


Also, others are examining the use of the Electron Quantum Jump in a scaled up effect to ‘jump’ a starship from one place to another virtually instantly (think Re-imagined Battlestar Galactica’s Jump Effect). Thus, Humanity will likely end up with 2 methods of exploring the galaxy, and most likely, beyond it.

2; Space travel is slowly, but with increasing speed, becoming the domain of private enterprise, and more and more each day, companies are aborning to work and contribute in this field, with hulls, modules, engines, life-support systems.

3; So-called ‘sci-fi’ tech, like synthetic gravity…are becoming realities. Husband a few months back tested a prototype for a gravity generator and while it did self-destruct after only a minute approximately (57.83 secs) it did last long enough to provide reams of data and generated a sustained 1/100th of a G. And he is not the only one experimenting with such and getting Results. Even if the units can not be made to generate a greater field strength, they CAN be made smaller–and stacked, for a greater cumulative field strength.

4; More and more, we are finding planets around stars, and more than a few prove that if we keep looking, we will find ‘Garden worlds’ lik or similar to Earth. It’s just a matter of time, that’s all, and with NO shortage of star systems to search.

5; Quantum Entanglement Communications. Tricky, but as work continues, it becomes more and more usful and means real-time interference-free communication across limitless distance, no matter what’s between sender and reciever.

6; V.A.R.I.E.S. http://news.discovery.com/space/astronomy/varies-interstellar-antimatter-lasers-icarus-120716.htm Imagine synthesizing matter, or antimatter…out of nothing but empty space. And the same technique can be adapted to produce normal matter as I mentioned.

7; Advanced single-stage-to-space engines that allow a vhicle to simply fly into space, in the same manner as an airliner could–had it the right engines that can operate in airless conditions.


In some ways, Humanity, right now, has stepped beyond our own science fiction. And with more to come, I am sure.

In light of this, the silliness of islam and it’s claims are shown to be what they are: Ridiculous. islam is the single greatest threat Humanity has ever faced, as can be seen from it’s meager 1400 year history–and having achieved a 270+ MILLION bodycount that continues to grow even today. islam behaves as the brat run amok, and needs to be leashed and brought down as it’s threat to Humanity is Dire in light of today’s weapon technologies. islam continus to show at every turn that it is Regressive, that it seeks to enslave all Humanity under itself. They’re quite open in admitting such, that they will continue to brutalize, intimidate, murder, extort, bully, threaten and engage in unspeakable atrocities in pursuit of global dominion. They also claim that whn islam rules the world, there will be ‘peace’.

Really? Peace from islam? When all sects of islam are viciously and violently opposed to each other?

Some say islam is ‘the religion of peace’, and this is a patently-false claim, as the daily evidence shows be it in the blood-and-bullets jihad, or those who call for the deaths of those who speak out against islam in any way…islam continues over and over again to show that it is NOT about peace, but about small-mindedness, regressiveness, and psychoticly unspeakable crimes against Humanity.

Then there’s the Globalists and UN, whom some would have be ‘in charge’ of all Human efforts at space travel. Well, they are flatly DENIED such, and they can speak all they wish about being in ‘control’ of such–but it is NOT up to them, NOT their authority, and they will NOT be heeded or abided in any way.

The Future belongs to Humanity, here on Earth as out there in the Galaxy.

We’re almost there…  😀