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For some reason that remains a mystery for the time-being, our connectivity to the internet is crippled. It started off when Facebook changed some things, Firefox’s update, and somewhere in there something reacted badly to our Firewalls, which are now ‘hyper protective’, and are being worked on.

It’s not a ‘serious’ issue, but we cannot access Facebook, I can’t get here to WordPress reliably, and connection speeds are usually dismally low.

So, we’re working on it, and no problem is without a solution, and we’re GOING to find the solution for this nuisance.

I am hoping this gets posted on Facebook, and to all our friends who see this, we’re still here…just forging on ahead in the great war vs. software snags.

However, our newest addition, an un-named grey kitten is doing just fine. Had a busy day, but all the rest accepted him and adopted him, including Eydis who really does make a good ‘Big Sister’. 😀


Shaw cable is a total rip-off corporation. But as they’re the Monopoly for cable television…well, then you pay what they demand.

Just recently, Shaw ‘upgraded’ their service, and this means you now have to have a cable box–even to get Domestic Canadian Channels.

But, not all of them.

Spike, Teletoon, and other channels we had before…we now have to pay extra for. So, either we pay $170.00 extra on top of what we were paying for a new package so we can have the channels we USED to have on our subscription…or do without.

So…to hell with it. We cancelled out TV subscription earlier today, and the idiot on the customer service line was asking ‘why’ about every 2 minutes–despite the detailed reasons I gave…and then talked up a storm to convince us to ‘just give the new service an honest trial’. Yeah, we gave it a couple days, and it’s awkward, unresponsive, expensive, and while we get the channels we could care less about…we got none of the channels we liked.

To Shaw, I will state the following; You are an Imperialistic, profiteering, useless, corrupt corporation and a total rip-off operation. And don’t think we don’t know how you paid off the CRTC to keep online services like HULU out of canada, the same way you battled against satellite access.

Your days are numbered, count them carefully.

Okay Fbook…
You’ve Been Temporarily Blocked
You’ve been blocked from using this feature because you may have violated Facebook’s Terms. Please review the Community Standards to learn what’s acceptable to share on Facebook.

If you need help, please contact us.

‘Contact You’??? Tried that, and that was an exercise in absolute futility and as EVERYONE knows you have NOTHING in any way that can be considered a genuinely useful Help Desk system.

My account is under a Temporary Block…and NO explanation from you whatsoever.
Despite repeated efforts at contacting you to get one.
I’m going to be broadcasting this across all Link-sharing and social media platforms there are, so that others know what kind of slip-shod, politically and ideologically-biased crap you pull on people.

It’s simple…smarten up, or I make sure folks daily across the web get a reminder that Facebook is a biased, unfair, anti-Liberty shill for PolCorr and Collectivism.
Every day.
What would that do to your stock prices? Not to mention how it would upset the Board of Directors.
For me, it’s one simple copy-and-paste, then ‘send’…I can do it multiple times every day and flatten your stock prices to minimal levels by chipping away at it…and I am sure along the way more and more folks will join their voices to mine about this.

FIX my account and restore FULL functionality Immediately or face the consequences you’ve brought down on yourselves by your own incompetence and bias.

Marlene Wilkins Blackwinter

Anyone who’s used Facebook for a whole likely knows how ‘selective’ Fbook is about freedom of speech…these days any colostomy-bag of an islami extremist can spout the vilest trash and NO problems, but if you should be offended by such, and in my case I filed a complaint vs. an islami for the DEATH THREAT made against me…you can be banned, temporarily-blocked from certain features and all that good stuff.

Oh and if you’re a supporter of the USA, Republic, The Constitution, and Liberty…well, Fbook’s the WRONG place for you because they will delete posts you make regarding such.

Facebook…the last best hope for PolCorr and it’s mindless drivelling followers.

So…what are we to do…???

By stating the following here, I am establishing Legal Copyright & Claim to the following idea and intellectual property on behalf of Husband, myself and those associated with us directly in business affairs.

“1stbook.com aka; Firstbook.com…like Facebook…except that the Freedom of Speech will be an Absolute. Also, you’d be CERTAIN that your personal info would be Secure, and there’d be NO gov’t ‘backdoors’ into the system for any reason. Any and all viewpoints would be allowed, as the Freedom of Speech is an Absolute…and there’d be a genuinely USEFUL support desk to assist clients and patrons. And, with proprietary technology shielding the system from Denial-Of-service attacks, it’d be a pretty big and Unstoppable juggernaught for Humanity’s Rights of Freedom Of Speech.

We’ve started looking into it…

Take Action – Google.


A free and open world depends on a free and open web.

  • The Internet has connected more than two billion people around the world.
  • Some governments want to use a closed-door meeting in December to increase censorship and regulate the Internet.
  • Join together to keep the Internet free and open.
  • Make your voice heard.

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, (UNODC) in conjunction with the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force, recently claimed in a white paper entitled The Use of the Internet for Terrorist Purposes that, “The use of the Internet for terrorist purposes is a rapidly growing phenomenon, requiring a proactive and coordinated response from Member States.”

The globalists backing this agenda “by the rule of law” (essentially a United Nations term that suggests US law can be circumvented by way of UN treaty) would love nothing more than to shut down key sections of the internet including alternative news and blogger sites that have the ability to release true and accurate information in near real time.

via New UN White Paper Defines Internet Users as Potential Terrorists :.


Join the fight


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