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For some reason that remains a mystery for the time-being, our connectivity to the internet is crippled. It started off when Facebook changed some things, Firefox’s update, and somewhere in there something reacted badly to our Firewalls, which are now ‘hyper protective’, and are being worked on.

It’s not a ‘serious’ issue, but we cannot access Facebook, I can’t get here to WordPress reliably, and connection speeds are usually dismally low.

So, we’re working on it, and no problem is without a solution, and we’re GOING to find the solution for this nuisance.

I am hoping this gets posted on Facebook, and to all our friends who see this, we’re still here…just forging on ahead in the great war vs. software snags.

However, our newest addition, an un-named grey kitten is doing just fine. Had a busy day, but all the rest accepted him and adopted him, including Eydis who really does make a good ‘Big Sister’. ๐Ÿ˜€


So, the close-call I had with blindness is now in the past. It wasn’t anything major as far as a flaw went, just five points in each eye where very small arteries and veins had connected before they were supposed to…’detouring’ oxygenated blood from fully reaching some key areas of the front of the eye and the retina.

Simple to fix, but with NO room for error…5 tiny laser pulses to close off the ‘detour’ points was all it took…but it was where they were in my eyes that made things tricky.

So post-op, means eye exercises 5 times a day that work out the eye’s ability to focus and such…not that hard to do obviously, but like any form of exercise it’ll increase blood flow and in this case it’ll also help correct any latent effects from the ‘detour’ flaws. Also, the usual admonitions to ‘take it easy’ and such…fine, I’ll take that advice. I had a taste of near-blindness, that was enough for me.



We’re getting closer every day to building the powerplant. However, before we begin, some aspects of construction MUST be built/tested/analyzed to make absolutely certain they can withstand the wind-loading forces. Here in Alberta, we get some strong winds, with ‘Bursts’ now and then where it can (and has) reached almost 100 MpH.

When you consider how solar panels can act as impromptu ‘sails’, and you have to build with such wind forces in mind there’s not much room for error. Also, while we are using smaller wind turbines which are considerably more resilient than those gigantic eyesores other companies are so fond of, they still need be to modified to cope with such extreme overspeed risks. Meaning some Custom components will be needed and contractors for such need to be found. I will say that the wind turbines we will be using are Bird-Safe. We take environmental impact VERY seriously…as example, for the hydraulic systems, we have sourced out environmentally-friendly, Biodegradable hydraulic fluid. This is also why we insist on building in an existng Industrial zone, and have put years of work into compressing collection-ability down to the smallest land-use footprint possible.

We are taking a wholly new approach to Solar & Wind energy, and cannot afford a mistake, mis-step. We are building something we want people to be able to find confidence and sense-of-security in. So, we are not cutting corners, but we are also VERY cost-conscious and every dollar put in must get the best it can.

People want Solar & Wind energy to be made every bit as reliable and inexpensive as Coal/Gas/Nuclear energy…and we can deliver this, and better.

West Edmonton Mall, arial view

We’re presently at West Edmonton Mall, measuring sunlight intensity & angles over time. We’ve ben surveying the malls in Edmonton regarding our intent to offerย  joint-venture to them regarding our Blackwinter energy system, and that means such glorious and fun things as measuring sunlight intensity and angles over time as the day progresses.

Yes, it’s every bit as unexciting as it sounds, but it has to be done so that if they say ‘Yes’ things can be done with as much energy-capture efficiency as possible, and it’ll save time getting things rolling. Windspeed measurements today, kinda pointless as it’s a mostly clear, sunny and calm/still day. At least it’s not -30C, and this is the last mall we have to survey.

Shopping malls, on average, can host a few hundred Megawatts of generating capacity to the Grid AFTER meeting their own power needs.
I don’t need to mention what kind of revenue this would earn, and it would be a 24/7/365 revenue stream coming in coupled to elimination of energy overhead costs…which is a Considerable amount of income.
Why shouldn’t malls be sources of Clean, sustainable, quiet and abundant energy?
It eliminates load on the grid, actually reverses load to be factual, and is a direct, genuine benefit to their communities and in the overall as those Mall-Megawatts displace the same Megawattage produced by combustion-based powerplants.

West Edmonton Mall…it’s staggering to think of how much generating capacity this mall can host. It’s one of the largest malls in north america, and our rough (VERY conservative) estimates say that this mall could become a Gigawatt-class energy supplier.

Think about that…a Gigawatt-class Solar & Wind generating facility, built into a mall…nearly Invisible, clean, quiet, no danger to birds, nor using virgin land.
Everyone wants the future of sustainable energy ‘Right Now’, and we’re doing what we can (Husband & I) to make it happen, to the benefit of us all, and future generations.

Some folks in the Nations think there’s not a chance in hell of The People of The Nations ever achieving a meaningful future, and try to draw the threadbare weeds of despair about them a bit snugger.

Well, those folks are Wrong. That’s not just fluffy False-Talk, I’ll back it up.

Israel…now there is a nation we can look towards for Inspiration. Right about now, some of you bridle and are about to spout off about ‘poor palestine’ and how we Natives have ‘solidarity’ with palestine. Fine, ok, I will address that point.

Before you attack me in defense of the False-Talking squatters over there, I Challenge you to find me some Genuine, Validated Archeological evidence that Proves ‘palestine’ is ancient and the ancestral lands of ‘palestinians’.
Good luck finding it, there’s more evidence to support the existence of Atlantis.

Also, find the answers to these questions:

Israel - Cartoon - Quiz on Palestine

Now, back to Israel and how it applies to The Nations…

Israel built itself up out of the Desert. Consider that.
The Peoples of The Nations, hell, we live in a paradise of resources to work with, and we can do so WITHOUT destroying the lands our Ancestors walked and loved.
New energy technologies that show up combustion-based systems as the obsolete junk they are.
Aquaculture-linked Microfarming that allows for very impressive yields with none of the expensive and toxic chemicals that are commonly associated with farming.

In short, Reservations can become so much MORE and BETTER!! The Cores of Micronations…True steps towards Building our Sovereignty, ass individuals and as Nations.
We, the descendants of our Grandmothers and Grandfathers can make this happen for ourselves, our children, for the future of our Peoples and Nations–we CAN recuperate from the past!
I will remind you of one Esssential Truth that applies to The Peoples of The Nations so very fully and perfectly

“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

Friedrich Nietzsche

People want Clean, Zero-missions energy.




Here ya go.

Open-Source Licensed.


First, let us put aside the past and look to a new Beginning?

You have Organization, and people, and thus, Ability. I ask you to turn your eyes and hands to more Constructive things that will benefit you, and People.

Skin color…means what? I am Nordic-Fair, a genetic coin-toss…I am also Native American, First Nations and Indian, and Spanish.


I ask you, to Please, stop Hating for a bit and consider the following, I ask for NO money, no recompense. Husband and I Open-Source Licensed the Blackwinter system to ALLย  Humanity Christmas 2011…please listen, we wish only to speak of the Gift we gave the world, and you, long ago.

Ghettos (SO much underutilized space in them!!)…buildings…People…across the nation, you have organization, and I presume Lawyers and ability to find and hire whatever people with skills u need. Build Powerplants with the tech we give. We kept it to a Basic so that the Idea could be adapted based on whatever resources happen to be on-hand…we had to do so, to make it useful for everyone Globally.

Imagine this: The ghettos…with planning and thought, can supply Megawatts of power to the grid. Thus, Income, thus…improved quality of life. Because YOU will be earning the money and then it can be used to make things Better!

Inexpensive energy fuels the economy, and with inexpensive energy can be had Hydroponics and other industry…what if the Ghettos in America became a place where Fresh organic Produce could be had? Supporting it’s own people and attracting those outside who seek to buy such?? Just one idea, and how many more ideas will other people have??

Keep in mind, this powerplant can be scaled to fit any avaliable land, I keep mentioning ghettos because there’s SO much unused space available and they need the most help. But this can be set up pretty much anywhere. Also Ghettos have such a negative rep, and this can help turn that around.

Then, there’s those who would want to use inexpensive power to open machine shops and other businesses.

Do you see the idea?? Do you see the Path? Hate…is wasteful.ย  Pointless. But, for those of you want to fight, then stand with us against The Enemy…those who would exercise control by squeezing your throat and making you pay Their Price for energy. OPEC, etc..

If you want a real Fight, stand with us, and Fight a Real Battle..not against unarmed and innocent people…but vs. those who would enslave us all. Make Power, and thus Make your OWN path…Build, don’t destroy. The tech shown, can (and has been) adapted to vehicles (a Prototype refit Intrepid) Clean, Quiet, and VERY fast. I caution you on this though, 200 HP Electris, is a LOT different than 200 HP Combustion based. Husband burned out a transmission and 2 sets of tires with early-phase trials on the Intrepid…so, be careful experimenting.

Electricity means Ability…Black Panther Energy Inc. LLC. (just an idea that sounds pretty sweet) ย  You have to admit, it’s got a nice ring to it? Feed power to the starved grids… 2 cents per Kilowatt x 1000 (equals per Megawatt) x however many Megawatts…and that is Per Hour. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Screw the government, make the money to help your areas, open clinics, etc.. Governments are ONLY interested in helping themselves–more and more they serve themselves and the people less and less.

We seek to show you a Better Way…to help make this world, this wounded world a better place…will you stand with us??

keep in mind, this powerplant can be scaled to fit any avaliable land, I keep mentioning ghettos because there’s SO much unused space available and they need the most help. But this can be set up pretty much anywhere.

Being free of arabian oil sounds GREAT doesn’t it folks? Okay, well here’s a look from the inside of the Alternative Energy Industry you sure won’t be seeing in the media anytime soon…because this kind of exposure gets folks KILLED.

Why am I so special? Husband and I made damned sure that if they kill us, they’re just creating a totally apocalyptic bit of trouble for themselves.

It’s called ‘The Ohstermahnn File’, and a friend, now deceased, helped us set it up…and it has ALL the advanced energy tech Husband and his friends have been quietly developing. Now, if this info got out…say, by Global Internet release and fax-blasting, then EVERYONE has it and there’s not a wisp of a chance in the 7 Hells of certain folks being able to suppress it and protect their grinding, greedy, corrupt and utterly criminal (and useless) ‘interests’.

Where is it? Dunno. Not a CLUE, it moves around the world on it’s own and has been for over a year now, randomly, but if I and Husband don’t put in a very long code in certain places at certain times…it starts a countdown, then if still not stopped, it opens up the archive file and gives the info to everyone, everywhere. Including the new smartphones too. ๐Ÿ˜€

We’re not overly idealistic hippy-wannabe types…we knew damned well going in we needed strategy, tactics, and the best Trump-Ace we could get. Information–information that scares some of the most corrupt people on Earth. ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s a deadman-switch, so that even if we get killed, Humanity will still benefit from the technologies.

Now, here’s the deal you don’t know…

Ever notice how all the solar powerplants and wind farms with those awful turbines are subsidized and cannot support themselves financially? Also, that the subsidies and such are usually 5 times (or higher) than what normal electricity costs-per-Kilowatt?

All part of the Scam. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Ever notice how ‘modern’ facilities are build the same exact way they were back in the 1970’s? They don’t care, they have the governments and media suckered into the scam.

Now, what would happen if someone came up with a Solar and Wind energy based facility that can turn the ‘intermittent’ power of the usual solar and wind facilities into stable, around-the-clock power? And so so with more reliability than a Coal or gas fired powerplant?

Well, they (us) attract attention from folks this scares…

Here’s why: Our technology puts a bullet through the head of conventional combustion-based power generation, and Nuclear also. Consider the money involved, the cronyism, the pork-barrelling…also the Carbon Credit scam on an international level and the way the governments (like Obama) use ‘Enviromentalism’ to allow power companies to crank your power bills because of tighter emissions regulations.

Costs they get Massive tax-rebates and related benefits off of, by the way…

Now, consider cars…fuelled mainly by arabian oil.

Husband, myself and our family were out in Edmonton today for Canada Day and we took the Prototype Intrepid he refit for all-electric. Where many cars were seen having problems overheating and drivers dealing with gas station lines…we were comfy in air conditioning, and without even that annoying ‘stutter’ an engine makes at idel when the AC compressor cycles. Range? When parked it was soaking up the rays and topping off the energy drained during the 100 mile drive into Edmonton. Also, a feature meant to aid American and other Bona-Fide Friendly Militaries was tested, a neat little trick that supplies water for a vehicle crew. Imagine a Humvee; quiet, fast, with range pretty much limited only by driver fatigue and supplies supplemental water for the crew’s needs.

How fast will it go? Dunno…but the equivalent of 385 Hp Internal Combustion coupled with a 12000 RPM rating means hubby will only open it up fully on a static testing stand, not even a track as the car just isn’t built to handle those speeds–it’s an otherwise-stock Intrepid, NOT a Ferrari.

Gee…kind of a Threat to arabian oil, a car like that…now, imagine of folks all over had cars like this?

Oops, sorry arabia…and Bite It, OPEC.

NO, we’re not keeping this for ourselves and are right now engaged in something of a quiet little War with the bully-boys that have been sicced on us to try to ‘convince’ us to cease work and such. In short, thugs sent by those who are seeing their corrupt little empires put at risk by these technologies. Once they finally get it through their thick skulled and empty little heads that they’ve already LOST, we’ll start on the showcase powerplant and show the world what can be done with just one little Acre of land. ๐Ÿ˜€

The truly regrettable thing? If they worked WITH us instead of fighting us and trying to stop us, they’d benefit in so many ways, and aside from mere finances also…media relations, they’d come off looking like heroes..but they made their choice and every offer we made to work with us was rejected and thrown back in our faces.

And yes, Virginia…there’s other technologies also, to be released in time…because right now Obama would give them away to unfriendly nations and we’re NOT gonna be part of that!


Now, the New Face of Facism…



They’re anti-Capitalism, Facistly Tyrannical, and are targetting a specific Race for Extermination.

Just Like Hitler, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot, etc..

Yes these are old reports and they’ve been quiet since…well, when idiots like this get quiet, you know they’re Planning and Plotting. Hence, I will be making sure they are kept under The Eye of Z-Ha’Dum and also that others, like you, are never lulled into thinking this threat has vanished. They’re ideological Extremists, possibly insane, and history has shown that entity-groups like this don’t just skulk into the shadows and die, they spin webs, and work their designs…then, they start killing people.

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