Will people buy into it? Of course they will, too many love them some conspiracy, too many walk around in a self induced coma, too many are armchair activists who are capable of little more than than being a sponge that soaks up the party line.

There are people who champion Charles Manson, skinheads who do likewise of Hitler-should any be surprised that there are those who would champion Peltier, Graham, and the wannabe chiefs?

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Posted by rezinate on July 14, 2011


I just watched the latest video offered on the Annie fb page and would commend Paul DeMain for having said what should be understood by one and all-not verbatim as cited below but close enough to make the point.

“Silence is killing our children we need snitches who say there is a crack house here that is killing our children-my uncle is raping his niece.”

By the Liberators own definition and liberal application of the word snitch, one would have to say Russell Mean’s melodramatic, with perfectly timed breaking up of his voice finger pointing at Vernon during the Branscombe news conference serves to qualify him as one.

I don’t exactly view his participation as a public service, more one of an abortive attempt at damage control. The reality was that Branscombe was on the trail and the press conference would have…

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