A part of Custer’s strategy was to attack the Southern Cheyenne encampment and take as many women, children, and the aged as possible to employ as a human shield, knowing that warriors wouldn’t mount a counter attack for fear of endangering them.

We’ve seen similar tactics throughout history, and more commonly now in the middle east where rocket or mortar emplacements are setup in the midst of non combatant civilians, in hospitals and school yards-it is a cowardly thing to do now and then.

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Sand Creek 1864, and the Washita 1868

Two notable events in the history of the Cheyenne and the nations at large as it was part of a prolonged campaign conducted by the U.S. government to defeat and oppress indigenous people in this land.

Sand Creek was particularly heinous as it was directed at an encampment led by Black Kettle who had pledged peace, and even while under attack waved an American flag given to them.

The death toll on that day has been estimated in excess of a hundred sixty people-the majority of them women and children. Of the men who were in the camp they had remained there while younger more able men had rode off to hunt.

   I saw the bodies of those lying there cut all to pieces, worse mutilated than any I ever saw before; the women cut all to pieces … With knives; scalped…

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