The father Eagle hears her cries and remembers them from before. He races toward the hurtling eaglet and catching it in his talons, returns it to their nest.

Earlier in the same summer of this Toronto Gathering the Tribe had gathered for their annual meeting on the slopes of Mt. Shasta. When the women’s song called the men back to the fire, the Headwoman, a Grandmother, stepped into the light.

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What are you men willing to die for?”
Posted by rezinate on March 9, 2011

I received the below in an email and wanted to share it also-the internet is rife with excuses for the issues addressed in this story-and that’s all they are-excuses. Warriors don’t wilt under pressure-they don’t run off and get drunk, do drugs, or abuse women and children- they fight what is wrong, protect, and provide. This title warrior was an earned one-now it has become a form of freeware for any to download and apply to themselves.

“Several years ago I had the opportunity to attend the Ontario Native Men’s Wellness Conference in Toronto. Each morning began with individual clan meetings to start the day.
My clan meeting was led by a Grandfather from the Wintu Tribe in California. One morning he shared this story. I loved it so much that I asked if…

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