You can demonstrate but if it isn’t sustained and grows what good is that?

Point in case the Occupy movement.

Boycotts are an effective tool, but people apparently aren’t willing to “sacrifice” that pumpkin spiced latte at Starbucks inspite of the fact that Starbucks has joined forces with Monsanto in a suit to strip states of the ability to clearly label what a product contains.

American consumers are the fatted calf that believes entitlement is a way way of life – unaware or preferring to ignore that the fatted calf is offered up as a sacrifice to feed the gluttony of corporate greed.

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For the most part economics and personal finance for the nations are about putting food on the table, heat in the winter, and clothes on the back of their children, that and little else.

A lot is made of that and should be, but such conditions aren’t confined to the rez or urban communities, it is a growing demographic playing no favorites among ethnicities.

A reality related to the consumer marketplace from the price of bananas to gasoline.

Any benefits accrued from the drop in oil prices have historically been offset when they begin going back up.

That usually translates to exceeding a previous price per gallon to recoup that lost profit margin and then dropping down somewhat as the hue and cry is raised.

A transparent game routinely becoming the way of it with the thought in mind that if gas is four dollars per gallon and drops to…

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