In all of this it has been forgotten that we stand on the floor of heaven, that wherever our feet touch the land it is sacred . On scared ground truth should be spoken.

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Posted by rezinate on June 4, 2011

The earth has been said to be the floor of heaven and there seems to be a great truth in this, if this is so then all the land is sacred and we cannot pick and choose which should be fought over to protect-all must be protected.

Understandable that specific areas to specific peoples have a greater personal significance, but the land is contiguous-fences cannot divide it, municipal boundaries, or the little picket fence-neither the great bodies of water beneath whose surface the land continues. It is illusion to think they do. This is a thing if understood and accepted would go a long way in creating a better life for all who inhabit the land.

The history of all mankind has always been to claim and fight over a portion here or a portion there for reasons…

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