’m no expert but I know that nothing can be interminably sustained in a state of debt, that austerity measures are noninclusive, that it is always those with the least who sacrifice and suffer.

That in this current age of capitalism on steroids sacrifice and suffering become an opportunity to profit for corporations and the banking industry.

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The EU and IMF are doing their best to stifle the example Greece is setting with Una Merkel of Germany playing the role of the Godfather.

A military conquest of Europe is no longer an option, though Merkel seems to be intent on creating a Third Reich of economic dominance in threats recently issued to Greece to either tow the line or suffer the consequences.

An approach characterized by belligerence that may backfire as Spain’s own version of an anti austerity party, Podemos, is taking it to the streets encouraged by the example Greece has set.

The great fear of globalist entities is that such a movement will  spread and become a pandemic, but it is a pandemic I support and say one whose time has come.

Globalists share a common ideology of out of control capitalism that translates to greed and is to be admired and if not, then…

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