It is said American’s have a penchant for rooting for the underdog-if so it has taken them a while to realize that is the status of the nations, now that they have they throw their support behind the dogs that are barking the loudest, those that are most visible.

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Posted by rezinate on February 17, 2012

When you shuttle back and forth between sites like Annie’s page, Ray’s page, and the Peltier Still Guilty site there is a noticable ramping up of discussion, of facts and evidence being presented, making it increasingly more difficult for the deniers to offer anything credible in the way of a defense. Which then lends itself to the predictable name calling.

There is a cross section, a diversity not only of opinion but ethnicity and awareness emerging-that is a good thing, because the cultivated base for the free Leonard, free Graham, free whoever, has always been primarily the non indigenous, for a couple of obvious reasons.

One being that as a rule they generally are better off financially, the other is any familiarity they may have with rez life and the issues indigenous people face can be said to be…

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