The venerable 18-wheeler, prime-mover of almost everything you wear, use, eat…

And THE largest consumer of fuel on the planet.

This is NOT a screed against them, this is merely to point out Facts about them, and how things in the future will be better for their drivers, the freight companies that have them in their fleets, and for consumers who depend on them.

Some of you are familiar with the hybrid Solar & Wind power system that Husband developed. Some of you claim:

“It can’t work.”


blackwinter_system_design_illustration - appended

This crude schematic shows the Base Principle, we left it that way so folks could just grab the base principle and build their own units off whatever components they can get ahold of. Considering that folks have built such out of cast-off components in the slums of India, well, we were right in pursuing that approach.

This power system has been supplying our home since 2005, when hubby first finished work on the protoptype and engaged it for the first time. 10 years, without a problem, glitch, outage and there’s been times during local outages when we’ve run lines to neighbours during winter to help them out until main line-service came back. Doig such placed NO strain on our in-home system as we have six 150 Kilowatt generators in the basement, and plan to install a seventh to be able to earn $ from selling power to the grid under AESO, but one has to produce 1 Megawatt or more to earn more than just ‘credit’ on your power bill.

This technology has been refined to the point where it was fitted to a used Intrepid Husband used as a Prototype, then later he refit his personal Intrepid with it. The Intrepid Prototype proved during extensive and harsh real-world tests that this technology offers vastly more benefits to vehicle owners than any fuel-based system can. One test was a business trip to the Atlantic provinces, driving around there for 2 weeks, then the trip home.

At NO point was an external charging via plug-in required.

Now, that was with this system crammed into an Intrepid.

dodge-intrepid-4 dodge-intrepid-3

18 Wheelers, have much more ability to accomodate elements of this system, and that’s just referring to the Tractor itself, when one also factors in what can be done with the trailer as well. the benefits are enormous as refrigerated trailers can now be semi-or fully independent for power even when detached from a Tractor.

The Tractors themselves would have more power, and quicker response, this is an innate aspect of electrical motors vs combustion-driven engines. The fuel costs would be eliminated, as well as the noise, and maintenance costs would be reduced. Less overhead expense means savings can be passed along to consumers and healthy profitability easily maintained.
In addition, Tractors that are idle, could hook into the grid at their home yard and supply power to the grid, thus earning income for their owning company even when parked.

Our company WILL be operating a truck fleet of this type, and this will give us a Formidable edge vs competitors, and if they want to compete, they’ll have to adapt to how we do things by adapting this power system. We will help them, freely, as the power system is OPEN-SOURCE Licensed, and we’re NOT interested in dominating any markets, but we will not hesitate in leading-by-example and demonstrating to others that better ways of doing things exist.

Welcome to Middle East Oil’s WORST nightmare