What interests me is in these dollar stores you can find a name brand product available at a significantly lower price.

If you look at the label and information it is written in Spanish – the clear indication is the same product if labeled in English and marketed directly in the U.S. comes with a higher price tag.

Companies don’t sell at a loss, neither do stores. They may claim they do for tax purposes but they don’t. And that begs the question what are the profit margins? What level is acceptable in a foreign market and what on home ground? How much gouging takes place?

Obviously it is higher in the U.S. for the same item than elsewhere.

Obama is heading to India for a conference, a part of the agenda is related to pharmaceuticals India manufactures, maintains a high level of quality in doing so, and yet markets them for a significantly lower price. Specifically drugs related to the treatment of HIV.

Another example is the same drugs manufactured in this country by the same company are sold in Canada for less.

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We live in a world of statistics and polls – either can be a social barometer, but I think also can be misleading depending on who presents them and how they are conducted.

You can find a poll or statistics to support any position you may take if you look long enough.

I’m always a little suspicious when they involve politics, figuring there may be an attempt to put some lipstick on the pig and manipulate.

In the last election polls favored the Reps to win a majority in the House and Senate, and they did. In the last presidential election depending on who you talked to and what polls you favored both sides were predicting victory and it was the Dems who won.

Loyalty can be a good thing, something honorable, but it can also be misplaced – that’s kind of the way of it in the human condition.

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