Native Americans. American Indians. Native Aboriginals. First Nations. You know us by many names, but while many of you think you know ‘all about’ us, most of you can’t think of Nations beyond Cherokee, Apache, Iroquois. There’s hollywood’s portrayals of us, largely inaccurate to be sure. THEN we have the armchair ‘experts’ claiming ancestry…yet know not a single word of any Nation’s language.

On top of that, we have ‘Noble AIM’, who are nothing but wannabe Kim Jong Il/tyrants and sell-outs who worship only the almighty $$ and are quick to threaten (or kill) those who disgree with them. AIM is basically Hamas, with feathers and beer guts. In my digging to learn more about AIM, I’ve found some indicators that they’re in bed with Hamas/BDS…where else did you think BDS got the idea to hijack and mis-appropriate Native History for ‘palestine’?? The pimps and hucksters known as AIM, that’s who.


Now, more than a few dismally uneducated types LOVE to claim how islam matches to Traditional Native Beliefs.
This is absolute and undulterated NONSENSE, and no amount of drivel from those who babble such idiotic crap will ever change that Fact.
Islam is, in fact, completely Opposite and absolutely Inimical to Traditional Beliefs, and as more and more of us are returning to the ways of our Ancestors in order to preserve and rekindle the cultures of The Nations, we have nothing but cold contempt for those trying to pressure islam upon us.
We went through something similar before, back then, it was ‘christians’ doing their damndest to ‘save’ us ‘savages’ and grab our lands…and to be honest, it was always more about the lands than our souls.
Now, it is islam, which offers absolutely nothing to The People of The Nations that is in any way of merit, poses a further threat to our remaining culture, and is also among those things we WILL expel from our lands.