A lot of folks think we Native Aboriginal Americans are extinct, mainly due to our near-zero representation on social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc..

Now I know why, and I have nothing but sympathy for my Brothers & Sisters who have tried to forge a path on such.

To state that such are ‘hostile’ to us, is a helluva understatement.

Facebook, is relatively open to us (Caveat given) but Twitter is not. Twitter is home to a plethora of AIM-loving Liberatards and muzzies who take it upon themselves (en masse) to shout down our speaking vs AIM and how ‘palestine’ is hijacking our Time of Tears for it’s own goals.
Google, is a viable social media pltform, but needs dome work. Tumblr seems OK, and I will be Scouting out others and putting them to the test.
Twitter, I strongly advise against, it’s the ‘Party’ platform, meaning if you dissent, you will not only be drowned out, you will be subjected to blatently Racist and Sexist attacks from the Liberatard horde.
Myself, I will be deactivating my Twitter account, now that I kow what the ‘real deal’ is, and again, I urge very strongly to NOT use or consider Twitter as a platform for Native Aboriginal interests.