The next time you hear someone liken Palestine to the rez consider the similarities they share in this area-that and the fact that it is perpetrated by a patriarchal code of male dominance.

Consider also the talk of loving and respecting women-of matriarchy as a for a profit commodity…. and know it all for the sham it is.

The game is to externalize all blame-on the one hand claiming to be mighty warriors and yet presenting the mea culpa that the warrior is so weak as to be driven by everything but a warriors code.

“Of Native American women murdered, over 75% were killed by a family member, an acquaintance, or someone they knew.”

“Native American women are the most victimized group in America”

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Rebecca Joe (Left) and Lucinda Redhouse (Right) of the ‘Navajo Nation Advisory Council Against Domestic Violence’ lead the ‘Stop Violence Against Women’ walk in Window Rock, Arizona.

The documentary , Rape on the Reservation, of June 2010,was up for a while and then taken down-Vanguard has elected to make it accessible again and it should be required  viewing.

It is important for people to watch this, and then in doing so ask themselves why those who are attempting to own the matriarchy issue for notoriety and profit aren’t proactively involved in addressing it.

Why so called warrior societies opt to focus on the low hanging fruit of other issues and not this.

Nine percent of the population and forty percent of all the sexual assault cases in SD. What does that say to the reader-what does it say about the liberators who avoid addressing it? Is this your idea of…

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