Do any think Assad is an honorable man as he kills his own people-or the Palestinian movement not without it’s own downside when it is controlled not by Palestinians but Hamas and Hezbollah as clients of Iran and Syria?

Is the Taliban worthy of honor as they subjugate women, bomb schools where children attend, and rule by fear?

If you have said no to these questions then tell me the difference between them and the AIM leadership.

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The reservation system created a vacuum, and with each passing decade the distance between the past and the present became more pronounced.

Confusion increased due to this vacuum, and the sure knowledge of who we were and should be suffered as a result.

It is as though a mutant gene had been introduced , and the changes it would produce became increasingly evident as new generations arose.

We are a noticeably different than we were a century or two ago, lost ground that we may never make up.

Vacuums create voids, an emptiness that some will see as opportunity and eagerly seize upon.

People want and need someone to look up to, someone, something to believe in- a vulnerability exists in such a need that is easily exploited.

And the vehicle of choice is words-Castro knew this, Hitler knew it, Stalin knew it, and the AIM leadership knew it.


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