People need to understand the realities, to put the romantic imagery aside and acknowledge the fact that serious problems exist-forget the buxom indigenous babes and ripped warriors of internet art and Hollywood fame.

We are a people under attack from within and without, and while we may only be able to exert a restricted effort against external influences we sure as hell can proactively address this issue within our communities if we have the will to do so and refuse to be intimidated or led around by the nose.

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Below a link to the Vanguard video Rape on the Reservation, a must view for those who think they know the issues,those who would, and those who seek to deny or ignore them.

It stands as a forty plus minutes sensory assault and an indictment that cannot be brushed aside, ignored, or qualified.

One should be asking the question in the midst of all the rhetoric by self proclaimed leaders and patriots if that is who they truly are why aren’t they, why they haven’t they been as vocal in addressing this as they are in promoting themselves, their books, their movies, or their commercial ventures?

No issue among the nations surpasses that of the sexual assault and physical abuse of our women and children-it is in my opinion part and parcel of the growing drug, alcohol, and gang culture that has embedded itself within the rez and our communities.

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