That the common responsibility of all is to the family and the nations, that it is a great wrong to shirk this responsibility or take advantage of another-to live in a responsible way is to live as a human being.

When I look at Fawn I see the ancestral tree of the nations stretching back through time, an immutable strength, something of a throw back to another era…and a loving grandmother.

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Fawn is quite a woman, wise, and a bundle of energy-reached an age she says with a smile when like an old house things begin to droop, sag, and the paint to peel a little and leave wrinkles- but she likens the process to an old blanket  that is comfortable and familiar and says she is happy.

I’ve known her as long as I can remember-she was my mother’s best friend and a faithful companion to her.

My first memory of Fawn is riding up with friends, dismounting, lifting me up to eye level and saying it was time to meet an old friend of the nations-the horse-mounting up holding me in front of her and off we went.

In later years when talking about it my mother said I wasn’t more than a year and half old-yet the impression made that day imprinted itself and I can see it…

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