A good day to die, a good day to lie – the first being a standard applied to AIM victims the latter to the leadership.

To say they and their act has worn thin would be an understatement, I think they’ve arrived at grudging understanding of that and the no comment or they can’t be reached will be amplified.

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“Even now, decades after Wounded Knee, the American Indian Movement continues to operate and one of the leaders is Vernon Bellecourt’s brother Clyde.

“I hear these rumors all the time,” Bellecourt said of the FBI memos claiming AIM was involved in Robinson’s murder. “It’s  just another attempt by the FBI to get involved in legitimate organizations like ours by making crazy charges.”

When asked about the memo suggesting his brother had knowledge of Robinson’s murder, Bellecourt said it was news to him.

“I was pretty close to my brother and he never mentioned one word about that,” he said.”

Yes even now AIM continues to operate with what seems to be the same level of immunity, the same deference.

Surviving leadership members like Clyde Bellecourt and Dennis Banks continue to make the same claims of a complete lack of knowledge related to Ray Robinson while at the same time can…

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