The following is part of a convo between a man I would call a friend and myself in regards to an entry on his blog. You can find the link to the blog entry at the bottom.

I know this is a old post, but I see your blog more as ‘Library’ than blog.

Steel, Iron. Alien.
The same things that puzzled and perplexed many about ‘what to do about it’ if indeed anything could be done.
Husband also sought an answer this, as he was taught as a child to knap and shape flint and stone…yet knew lived in a world of steel.
As he tells it, it was like a splinter that bothered him from the day he realized such, until the day he found the answer.

Make It Our Own.

Iron, comes from stone, iron ore, from the Earth, a gift we could not see…as the Obvious always hides beneath one’s nose, the best of hiding places.
He sought out the earliest ways of things, ways that our Grandfathers and Grandmothers from long-before-remembering could have done had iron not hid from us. 🙂

He found the oldest of ways.

He spent time teaching himself this craft, every failure a success as it removed one more mis-step on the way to finally understanding it

In time, weeks having become months, he found understanding of it. The first product, used to this day in our house, is a knife, hand-made of that iron, not even the slightest touch of a machine was upon it.

That knife, is the Beginning of OUR Age Of Iron, and from there we shall once again become The People Of The Nations. Sovereign. Strong. We will take our proper place among the other nations of this world, the Younger Nations, in our time, in our way, by our own Will.

Now, he teaches me this craft, and we will pass it down and along. This craft, we practice and share it for you…all of you…our People Of The Nations.
And we will yet do more…this was only a first step on a long journey.

Two essentials in today’s world are mobility and utility – an example would be the kind of
work I do, the need to transport materials (mobility) and the tools to do the job in a
timely fashion ( utility).
Adaptation and adoption facilitate that unless a person lives as a hermit in a cave. But
there is notable difference when you add the third “A” word of assimilation, the historical
goal of policies addressing the “ndn problem”.
Acquiring skills and passing that knowledge on to others is a building block of self reliance,
no less so than those who understand and are grounded in traditions and pay them forward as
well, as these above all other considerations are what define us as a people and nations.
Adopting modern appliances and devices in many ways lend themselves to leveling the playing
field – steel, iron, and all metals can be either beneficial or destructive depending on
how they are perceived and utilized
The hunter/gatherer days are over, now we hunt and gather in different ways and new
responsibilities are associated with that.
We have become sedentary in that we remain for the most part in fixed locations no longer
moving with the seasons or following herds – unless a person has the where with all to do so
or a time share in Florida we are obliged to create a sustainable habitat where we live.
That readily translates to adapting and adopting.
“OUR Age Of Iron”….well said, and what it comes down to – owning the steel and iron, the
appliances and devices, rather than being owned by them.