We know the impact of propaganda, the effect of lies wrapped within lies, and whether or not there are those among us who author their own version we should reject all such lies, all such propaganda, for it was never our way to avoid the truth and embrace the lie.

If we say we want the truth, we want a better life, then we must be willing to accept the truth as it is, not as we or others would have it to be.

If it is an inconvenience to do so I say a greater inconvenience exists if we do not, a greater penalty.

It wasn’t convenient for our warriors to be slain on the battlefield protecting the truth of our way of live, the truth that we loved our families, children, and communities.

Accepting the truth regardless of how unsettling it may be honors their sacrifice, I think it is the least we can do – the least we owe them, ourselves, and our children.

We owe AIM and Peltier nothing, and we sure as hell don’t owe the government anything.

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Recent exchanges in the blog Call It What You Will have served to illustrate a point to me, and should to others – that people often come to believe what  they want to, even to the the point of proclaiming it to be factual.

Emotions, agenda, and personal inclination being the vehicle that facilitates.

It can be difficult to separate fact from fiction, so much so at times people will forgo the effort, that is and has always been the end goal of propaganda.

If you throw enough of it around and even if only a small percentage sticks it will suffice to taint the well and pave the way for more.

The AIM and Peltier factions are well aware of this, it is a mainstay for them they have had success with.

George Orwell said that speaking the truth in times such as these is a revolutionary act, a…

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