Makes me wonder too if any poison would be consumed depending on how it is packaged and marketed-kind of seems to be the way of it when you look around.

Ammonia, an ingredient in over the counter meat products at the market- dyes and “preservatives” in canned goods, fruit harvested green and then gassed to force it to ripen-vegetables layered with pesticides-“medication” with a list of contraindications as long as your arm-eggs laid by chickens liberally dosed with hormones and speed-eggs that often have that dark yolk people go on about as sign of quality when the truth is more mundane, that the color is the result of additives such as ground up…

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A good cup of strong coffee is kind of my thing-one of the simple uncomplicated pleasures easy to avail myself of and produces no negative impact on any around me.

Never been involved in a wreck because I drank too much coffee, or beat and abused a woman or child, committed a crime, or did without a single thing because I drink coffee.

Not interested in alcohol or any form of drugs-I would rather eat my shoe than indulge them.

Tried alcohol a little when I was younger and crazier but learned that lesson early on-a lesson that should have been unnecessary with the examples my father provided.

Got drunk once with the crew I worked with-made fools of ourselves as drunks are inclined to do and paid the price the next day at work.

Mid summer and hot, all of us suffering hangovers as saws screamed and…

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