says it all about how islam really sees women.

Adina Kutnicki

Muslim child brides
Islamic girls corralled – in chains – to meet their new husbands! Happy wedding day! Mazal Tovs all around!

Linked at Islam Exposed Online.

Irony of all ironies, western femi-nazis are all atwitter when it comes to locking arms with Islamists. If you believe said charge is off the wall…unwarranted… harsh…you would do well to think again. It is to their eternal feminist dishonor, refusing to protect the honor of all women, that they bear a special and heavy onus! For shame…

University of Michigan at Dearborn and University of Illinois at Chicago. Both Universities cancelled the screening of this film for fear of offending Muslims! More disturbing is the deathly silence from women’s groups and Feminists in America in defense of this Film depicting violence against Muslim women at the hands of men and society!

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    “Honor Diaries” has stirred controversy, and drawn criticism from one prominent American Islamic group…

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