Anti Islamic World Wide Movement ( AIWWM)

Here We Go Its Started A Long Time Ago In Amman City , Al-Zarqa’a , Al-Salt And Irbid Cities . My Name Is Roma Belyi I Used To Put My Anger On Facebook ,   Islam And The Prophet Piece  Of Shit Mohammad .

anyway i used to create many groups and tag people so people can read what i write so in the end  they saw,Those  Islamists  Wahhabists saw  me and recognized me on Facebook and they make it official that  I wanted for Islamists as dead person or wanted to get beaten down by them since they working as gangs  ohhh holy shit i won’t care .

“You Can’t Touch Me Maaan really thy can’t get me “.

here is the first salafit / First Radical Terrorist Abu Musa’ab


The Second Terrorist  One

Abu Qutaiba

Now The Third One

Mohaamed Naser Al-Den

I Have a Lot Of Their…

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