The Muslim Issue

Murders and rapes going unreported in no-go zones for police as minority communities launch own justice systems

— Rise in ‘community justice’ in Midlands cutting number of police calls
— Forces warn genital mutilations and honour killings are being kept hidden
— Follows conviction of Muslim Patrol group last year for ‘enforcing sharia law’

By Sara Smyth

PUBLISHED: 01:51, 18 January 2014 |

Parts of the UK are becoming no-go areas for police because minority communities are operating their own justice systems, according to the Chief Inspector of Constabulary.

The rise in ‘community justice’ means crimes as serious as murder and sexual abuse are going unreported – a situation reminiscent of Belfast in the height of the Troubles.

Honour killings, genital mutilation, and domestic violence are some of the offences thought to be unreported

Tom Winsor said police officers were simply never called to some neighbourhoods, where law-abiding people rather than criminals administer their own form of justice.

He said: ‘There are some communities born under…

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