Let’s look back shall we?

To the world’s most infamous criminal organizations.





Hell’s Angels.

Yes, they kill folks. Yes, they sell drugs. Yes, they engage in Prositution, Racketeering and Protection schemes as well as theft and black-market resale.

And every time they stir, there’s the Hew & Cry and the authorities clamp down. Because after all, such cannot be tolerated, and indeed even being peripherally associated with them gets one on the bad side of the RICO act and such other anti-organized crime laws and every alphabet-agency there is.

But, there’s one group that engages in:

using kids as young as toddlers as weapons,

child soldiers,

drug production and sales,


Female Genital Mutilation,

illegally stockpiles Military Weapons (and I mean RPG and related heavy weapons),

engages in riots that are more brushfire wars than legitimate protests

Welfare fraud

Un-monitored food preparations

and even insists on having a legal system imposed that permits all that they do.

Thus, is islam. islam has nothing in common with any Genuine faith, and actually easily makes the most dire and dreaded criminal organizations on the planet look like paper tigers in comparison.

Consider how the media is kowed by islam–something even the mafia at it’s most powerful never managed.

islam, is NOT a ‘religion’…it is a criminal organization based on a Hardcore Fascist/Totalitarian/Authoritarian Sociopolitical-Economic system that micromanages every aspect of a person’s life, accomplished by means of an inculcated Cult-mindset.

And remember, when you tell me that ‘they’re not all like that’…all those on the streets of NY on 9/11 that Cheered as the planes hit the towers were you’re so-called ‘Moderates’ of islam, as are the ones that are turning Marseilles in France into a ‘No-Go’ zone. Remember, there were ‘nice’ mafiosi also…and they were ALL mafiosi, and ALL were treated as such, owing to their allegiances to the organization.

So, save your breath about trying to BS me about the myth of the moderate muzzie… Such is no longer of any concern given the problems and atrocities islam brings.

Also, the Mafia, and the rest of the criminal organizations, totalled up all over the combined histories, ahve never killed anywhere near the number of people islam has just in the 20th Century alone.

Consider that…and consider the rest.