A few centuries back, Native Americans experienced an Invasion. We saw our culture and our civilization all but completely annihilated. It’s a matter of record.

Since then, things have improved somewhat, but the point remains…the Americas are OUR lands, and always will be, and nothing can ever change that. We have never forgotten that these are OUR lands, by Right, and we have had enough of being pushed about, ignored and shunted aside.

Now, we face a new invasion, and like others, I will stand and fight against it–and considering how we opposed a golf course, these new invaders had better think long and hard what is in store for them, as should they’re sympathizers and enablers.

islam spreads like Cancer, and like Cancer it applies Deception to mask it’s Inimical nature. By the time the host nation realizes what’s going on, it’s terminal.


Simply put, the islam-sickness is not welcome in the Americas. This means muslims also. We’ve been Watching, and no one has noticed us (as always) and know the Truth by our own eyes vs. the Crooked words is islam and politicos. We are as like Ghosts, and have been watching for long decades as the islam-sickness has spread unchecked. We see what it does to other nations–by our own eyes. Yes, we travel, as do our Cousins, and firsthand observe and record much of what islam and it’s pandering drivelwits deny and cover-up.




As can be seen, islam and it’s muzzies LIE.


They lie about islam, their intent, and about how ‘peaceful’ and ‘tolerant’ islam and muzzies really are.



It’s no secret what islam is doing to Christians and Hindus and Buddhists worldwide either, they’re being murdered, persecuted, displaced…and every non-muslim killed invalidates the claims of the ‘moderates’ about what they claim the truth of islam is. islam shreds it’s own deception.


Then, there’s those muzzies who feel no fear of telling the flat out truth, as they think they’re unassailable under PolCorr and that the Marxist-Liberals have their backs…


I am Pagan, and also carry a lot of Native American blood from both Native American and Canadian First Nation peoples. By Paganity, I do not mean ‘modern’, I mean Ancient, and stretching back to before the Glacial Epoch. Over 30 generations of Paganity flows in my veins. Husband has 20+, and I suspect more than myself.  That all said, I know where I belong, as my Great-Grandmother’s Tribe has welcomed me in completely.

In regards to islam, and the way they see Native Americans, I and an increasing number of others will not tolerate this islam-sickness on our lands. Nor do we look fondly on the open-door immigration policies allowing the flood of unwanted into OUR lands.

Simply put, things are going to Change.

islam, and it’s sympathizers, panderers and drivelwitted lickspittle apologists can Leave our lands, or be cast out.



There comes a time when enough is enough, and the Jihad Fires in Arizona and Slave Lake (Yes, Slave Lake was a Jihad Fire, that little gem of  fact was covered up) were taken as a Declaration of War on Humanity, Nature and Life by Paganity…and they are genuinely preparing to drive islam to somalia and kill off any muzzies too stupid or stubborn to flee. The ‘governments’ won’t get in their way because the forces they have after decades and decades of quiet preparation outstrip the combined Military forces of all the major powers combined. The UN won’t interfere because the Pagans are targetting the UN for Crimes Against Humanity in the UN’s Aiding & Abetting of multiple Genocides and Democides in the past and present day…so the UN is hoping for mercy and leniency.

And, Paganity isn’t standing alone. They’re Returning from the shadows of History and so are their Allies and Cousins.

Paganity has given islam and it’s sympathizers The Warning & The Choice.

Their Allies and Cousins, are NOT as kind or generous.

Neither are we.

islam can leave the Americas, or we can start nailing scalps and scrotums to mosque doors as a message that they should have listened and that there’s a price to be paid for them in invading our lands…and that warning will also apply directly to their sympathizers to be certain, be they White, Black, male, female…

This is War, for Cultural Survival, and islam declared it. If you have a problem with what I speak, then take it up with islam, it is the Aggressor. And if your a sympathizer of islam, or it’s allies and enablers (like Obama and Justin Trudeau) then you know now to watch the shadows and start fearing sunset…the shadows and night are Ours, same as the Lands.

islam makes an ultimatum to the Jewish People, then they get the same in kind: Leave our Lands or be Annihilated down to the last child.

We agree with Paganity and their Allies and Cousins in that there’s to be NO negotiations, bargaining, ‘peace processes’, or other such falsity. We have spoken the Word of Warning. islam and it’s sympathizers have the choice to make.

It’s that simple, and that Final.

We have had enough of politicos and Crooked speakers after tolerating such for centuries.

Now, you play by our rules and you have no choice in the matter.

Leave, or face The Knife.