In case some of you haven’t noticed, the ‘elites’ and various politicians OWN the Courts, and that means in no uncertain terms that Justice has gone out the window and Legal decisions are now the province of Media and Money and Influence.

Let’s not forget that brown-nosing ‘judge’ regarding Detroit’s bankruptcy and how she so shamelessly brown-nosed, hoping for some future Supreme Court posting no doubt…

So, with all the talk of bringing the various Politicriminals down…what then?

Well, Paganity has had a method of running Tribunals for a very long time that does everything possible to ensure an Impartial and Fair decision as is possible.

!!This is an Overview, and it is NOT to be misconstrued as a definitive or comprehensive guide!!

Tribunal is 3 Judges, and no one in the Court sees them, knows their names, and these days we can even mask gender. This is so that no ‘pity ploys’ can be done by anyone and tip a decision away from the only things relevant: Facts & Evidence. ‘Pity ploys’ such as body language and such can be very powerful and operate on an Unconscious level. Thus, remove a conduit for them.

The Defendant is present, as is their Solicitor (Defense Attorney) and the Tribunal Advocate (Prosecutor Attorney) Their job is to present the Facts and Evidence, and relay any information the Defendant wishes to add.

There is NO jury. There is The Panel of Witnesses, who are charged with Observing and keeping notes of the proceedings as Oversight as to procedure. They are not addressed or under authority of the Judges. They are the Oversight and they can not be instructed to ‘ignore’ anything. They also likewise do not have a voice in the proceedings.

These days, everything the Judges hear is electronically dampened as to gender, inflections and such…to ensure further against ‘pity ploys’…and this also keeps Judges from being Biased against a Defendant who exhibits flippant attitude and such related traits also. The same is true for the Judges addressing the Court.

All physical evidence is taken to the Judges by a masked Servitor (bailiff) when called for examination. Judges may not confer privately with either Prosecutor or Defense.

A word about the Judges, they are Seperated, and submit their decision (guilty/not guilty) by a Marker, blindly. The only time they confer with one another, and then unable to see each other and through voice-masking, is if the verdict is Guilty and Sentence must be decided.

2 of 3 Judges must hold the same verdict for it to apply. If Guilty, Sentence is not delayed any longer than a week, at most and the Sentenced is held in custody until it is pronounced.

In Extreme cases, where the crime is so openly done and a Tribunal would be an absolute waste of time, 3 Judges, selected randomly, may invoke Reading of Evidence. This means the Condemned is summoned, the Evidence and relevant facts are read out, and the Condemned makes a final statement to the Court.

Condemned in this case means ‘Self-Condemned’…an example would be Obama, who is openly and flagrantly breaking any and all laws without apology. He must know that sooner or later he will have to accept the consequences, hence the term: ‘Self-Condemned’.

In cases like this, which are RARE, the crimes are usually (but not always) such that the Condemned’s life is forfeit, meaning Execution/Lifelong Imprisonment. However, with the plans of turning somalia into a Quarantined Exile Zone, that option is open now. Lifelong Imprisonment is ONLY an option where the individual is not considered a threat to life and limb if escape occurs. Those who are…see Execution. Charles Manson would NOT have been allowed to live, as an example.

Also, in cases where a criminal is just so amazingly stupid, but having committed a low-level crime, Reading of Evidence is invoked .

Execution (if warranted) is by Slow-Hanging, although there are other methods available to the Judges.



!!This is an Overview, and it is NOT to be misconstrued as a definitive or comprehensive guide!!