Some folks like to label me a ‘Feminazi’…a man-hating slattern with more excess bodyweight and hair than an arabian sheikh. Such is not the case, for the record I openly LOATHE Feminazis on about the same level as I do islam and muzzies.


Feminazis are vile, mindless, sickening Gynofascists who think they can use men as the ultimate scapegoat. I like Men…and I mean Men, the same thing that they’re trying to eradicate using PolCorr, Leftism, and all that other assorted rot. I have NO use for the modern-day, limp, ‘metrosexual’, Liberal male…those aren’t Men. Males, yes…due to birth and genes, but a Man, is something totally different and better.

That said, some of you might very well be outraged and ‘offended’ by what I have to say…

Good…and get used to it. I don’t do PolCorr, and I don’t give a damn about ‘offending’ Liberals…frankly, you Marxist/Communist Leftists should be Exiled to somalia and leave the world to those of us who have no interest in trying to dominate and control the lives of others using provenly faulty and wrong-headed theories of ‘social engineering’.

By the way, the age of Tyrants, like all your heroes of Fascism and Communism are Over. Try that again this century, try bringing back the horrors of the 20th Century–you will be Dealt With. In Finality. No politics, no negotiation, no compromise…Tyrants Will Be Hanged.

And those of you who are gonna contact me about how islam guarantees a ‘better condition for women’ — save your breath and stay away from adult discussions. You proponents of islam are nothing but carriers of islam-sickness and I will not waste a moment’s worth of time on you.

I am here, to serve all you would-be dictators Notice that you’re Done. Finished. No longer Relevant. We will be taking our world and our lives back, and our Innate Birthright of Liberty.  Liberty, there are those you, various adherents of PolCorr and various catastrophically ridiculous ideologies (islam, Communism, etc) that think you have some kind of ‘right’ to impose your ‘vision’ on the rest of us, either from a sense of manifest destiny, or ‘allah dun told ya!’.

To Damned Bad.

We, Humanity, are sick and tired of you little would-be god-kings and tyrants abusing us, fucking around with our lives, the economy, our children, our information, our food, medicine, and things like allowing Monsanto to mess around with GMOs without a clue as to what they’re doing or how dangerous it is. Etc., ad-nauseum.

Your choice is a simple one:

Step down.

Or be put-down.

This is The Human Renaissance…get out of the way, or vanish into the dust beneath Humanity’s feet.

Oh, yes…we LIKE Men, and we’re gonna be bringing them back from th edge of Extinction you’ve pushed them to…and don’t worry, they won’t harm you…but you try any of your PolCorr games, and the Lynch Mob you will face will be Women.


Look up in history how very frightening Women can be…and conduct yourselves accordingly.

You get the One Warning.

That was it.