Just now, I logged into Fbook, and surprise surprise, a 12 hour ban from Posting.

Because of one muzlimah who got her wittle feewings hurt when I called her on her dedicated muzzie-ignorance and stupidity.

The muzzie in question insisted that during the colonization of the Americas, 100 Million Native Americans were slaughtered. Okay…problem, there’s never been that many Native Americans, even combining the populations from America and Canada.

Also, she was claiming that sunni and shia aggression is a ‘recent’ thing of only the past few years owing to the eeeeevil America. So, I called her out on that, shoved some evidence under her ignorant, uneducated and quran-blindered eyes clearly showing that sunni vs. shia aggression goes back many centuries.

And the poor wittle muzlimah (Named Sadia https://www.facebook.com/sadia.masood.771   ) couldn’t handle it, and had me banned.

Now that Facebook is an Open and Publicly traded company, we have our Lawyer looking into what’s needed for us to purchase Facebook. Whn we do, and it’s only a matter of time, the first thing is that all operations will be Centralized in Canada. NO more Moroccan muzzies playing pick-a-mix and pandering to their fellow muzzies. The new company charter will be based on The American Constitution and the 1st Amendment.

We will also be taking it back to Privately-held.