You think that you’re going to invade our nations, and then dictate to us under cover of PolCorr how WE are to live in regards to your demands.

You think that all Western Women will be made into slave-breeders under shari’a and comport ourselves as you would have us be by your vile and abominable shari’a.

You think you can bully our leaders with riots and terrorism…

You think you can use forest fires for jihad.

You think you operate unopposed?

150408_371002966297597_644698607_n dalailama



You Are Wrong. Cataclysmically Wrong, and insanely deluded.

You are Prey for us. Yourselves, your mosques, maddrassas…and we will do whatever we need to in order to remain Human and free of islam, it’s Totalitarianistic Authoritarianism and it’s atrocity exhibition. We can and will do whatever is needed to End islam this century–for all time. The same will be done with your ‘allies’, Marxism and all it’s forms and derivations. Yes, modern Liberals are more properly Marxist-Communists than anything else, and Fascists–and as we saw in the 20th century, that ideology leads inevitably to Democide. In the meantime, they sell us out to you, betray us and pander to you.

Thus, we no longer consider the various governments relevant, and indeed they’d best remain outside the conflict, as there is nothing for them in assisting you–aside from their Executions and Exile along with you islam, to somalia.

We are not alone, Know that. We are also an enemy unlike any you have faced before and you ‘warriors of allah’ are so frail and incompetent that engaging them is very nearly an insult to us–thus, we see this more as ‘Pest Control’ and erdicating a dangerous infestation.

Yes, we know how you see non-muslims…and here is how we see you: We see you as The Enemy, ‘The Flood’…invasionary, Inimical, utterly Inhuman, and deserving of nothing but a final End. islam is wholly without a single redeeming trait or quality–history has proven this out and all claims of ‘islamic greatness’ have all been exposed as Lies. islam consumes and spreads…it is Cancer, nothing but. It doesn’t build nations, accomplishes nothing of significance in bettering quality of life for Humanity. Instead, it is Discriminatory and Supremacistic–and dangerous.

We can and will End islam and Marxism. The age of Tyrants has started it’s close. This is The Time of Changes, and is the start of The Human Renaissance. Humanity is taking another step forward in it’s maturation–and we will NOT allow Humanity to be further endangered by islam, Marxist-Communist governments or anything of such ilk.

islam, you are no more a religion than marxism is…this has been revealed. You have decieved Humanity for 1400 years, and now it ends, and soon…so will islam.

islam and you subscribers to Marxism and PolCorr can either accept Exile and Quarantine in somalia–or we will Annihilate you outright. We KNOW what you’re planning, what your intent is…and when we stated NO more Genocides, Democides or Tyranny…we were not making a joke. Humanity is Protected. If you force our hand, then we will End you, and such will be your own fate, of your own doing, choice, and in making us do so, you accept the consequences of your choice to come against us and continue with your attempts against Humanity and it’s Innate Birthrights, chief and foremost of such being Liberty.

We are NO longer giving The Warning. It was given, and that’s that.

Know this, islam, Marxists, Tyrants…

…you think you’re safe?

You Are Not.

We are Everywhere.

We are Everyone.

And we will fight for Humanity to the last drop of your blood and the last death-rattle wisp of your breath. The world population cries out against both of you…and we hear them.

Exile & Quarantine…or Annihilation. That’s your choice.