Obama’s a muzzie, and as we all know, they are mainly Homosexual, and living in denial about it…going so far as to claim they’re ‘widening their rectums’ for jihad purposes.

Yes…muzzie males LOVE the hard cock.

So, one MUST ask…considering islam’s views on women…and Obama has daughters that are VERY seldom seen and NEVER interviewed…exactly what is ‘daddy’ Obama’s relationship with them???

Given the 1400 years of Proven and dedicated Inbreeding in islam…well, one has to question just how safe Obama’s daughters are.

They could be Pregnant right now…and NO one would know, right?

Pregnant with ‘daddy’ Obama’s jihad-babies…because as has been revealed, any damnable thing is ‘permissible’ so long as it’s for islam/jihad…one and the same, really.

I would ask Social Services to pay a visit to the White House, with proper Military escort, and ascertain the genuine status of Obama’s daughters.