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Fellowship of the Minds

Here’s another Obama regime scandal that you’re not hearing or reading about in the State Controlled Media.

The Western Center for Journalism reports that under the watch of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the U.S. State Department was rife with corruption and sex crimes:

  • State Department’s diplomatic security agents in Lebanon sexually attacked guards.
  • State Department contractors in Baghdad bought illegal drugs from an underground drug ring.
  • Clinton’s own security agents, at least seven of them, hired prostitutes while traveling with her in various countries, including Russia and Colombia. The agents even took the prostitutes back to their hotels. Investigators called the use of prostitutes by Clinton’s security agents “endemic.”

Most serious of all is U.S. Ambassador to Belgium Howard Gutman.

Howard GutmanHoward Gutman

According to a suppressed State Department Inspector General (IG) report, in Brussels, Belgium’s capital, Gutman routinely ditched his security detail to solicit prostitutes,including underaged minors. 

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