Yes, yes…’it’s only a few’ and blah-blah-blah…tell that to all those killed by islam since it’s inception under mohammed. Hell, tell it just to those slain by islam since 9/11…
islam is going to be Ended, not by Negotiation. Not by Compromise. Not by bargaining.
It will be Ended, and every single muzzie with it, aside from those who seek refuge in somalia, as it will considered a Quarantine Zone for islam.

sharia unveiled

Muslim Brotherhood - Egypt


by, Hamza Hendawi

CAIRO (AP) — With a mob of Muslim extremists on their tail, the Christian businessman and his nephew climbed up on the roof and ran for their lives, jumping from building to building in their southern Egyptian village. Finally they ran out of rooftops.

Forced back onto the street, they were overwhelmed by several dozen men. The attackers hacked them with axes and beat them with clubs and tree limbs, killing Emile Naseem, 41. The nephew survived with wounds to his shoulders and head and recounted the chase to The Associated Press.

The mob’s rampage through the village of Nagaa Hassan, burning dozens of Christian houses and stabbing to death three other Christians as well, came two days after the military ousted Islamist President Mohammed Morsi from power. It was no coincidence the attackers focused on Naseem and his family: He was the village’s most prominent campaigner…

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