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Million Hoodie March” screamed “Oh No YOu Didnt!” angry and incensed that any white dare refuse a beat down. “The Beat down of crackers is our right in Obama’s America” screamed a crowd goer. “We’ve been beating down crackers for decades why is this case any different?” But later the protesters had to admit they goofed when it turned out Zimmerman was hispanic not white. “It just doesn’t work the same” said a said protestor. “Yah you’ve still got the DOJ paid for crowds and Al Sharpton, but someone we don’t get the guilty reaction from the other side when the person who got the beat down or rape wasn’t white.”

 Others were less convinced “Every Whitey Hasta Take their Beat Down. Period!” screamed a deranged man in a hoodie.

End Excerpt

So, let me see if I have this straight:

Because of crap that happens over 2 centuries ago, despite all the progress since, Blacks still feel like they have some kind of special ‘Victim Status’. Because of that (despite the fact that many ex-slaves and their descendants went onward to become very distinguished members of society and none of today’s Blacks were alive at the time of slavery in the USA) Blacks feel they have the ‘Right’ to engage in physical assault, rape and murder of Caucasians with impunity.

Ok, I’ve had enough of this Race crap. I have Nordic skin, I’m ‘White’…due to a genetic coin toss. I have in my Lineage Native American and Native Canadian (First Nations) Ancestors. Also, Indian ancestors. I have a few Spanish ancestors also. BUT, because of the genetic coin-toss, I’m expected by the slag, scrub, thug-culture-minded Blacks to kow, cower, offer myself up for sacrifice…

Listen up, Blacks, and listen good.

Back in the slavery era, in Africa, you were sold into slavery by Africans and Arabs, but usually by your fellow Africans. Yes, you were enslaved, clothed, fed…and overall treated rather well. In a short span of time, you were freed by the North and before that was the Underground railroad.

My people, my ancestors? Look up ‘The Trail of Tears’. Our nations were invaded, lands siezed, and we were targetted for Extermintaion as if we were less than rats. Blankets laced with smallpox, moved to areas with no game to hunt and then getting ‘food shipments’ of rotten meat. The vast majority of our culture, way of life was wiped out…in our own lands.

So, GET OVER IT. If we could put the past aside and move onward, what the hell is YOUR excuse for whinging and whining and carrying on like tantrummy toddlers with loaded diapers?? The Americas were, and still, belong to US the Native Americans and First Nations–if you’re so unhappy here, then leave, go to Africa and deal with things there, because we won’t have you here conduction a Racially-based pogrom. Try it, and you will be weeping tears of remorse.

In any event, you Blacks with your claiming this ‘victim status’ makes you look like whiney toddlers, at best. Not chill, not cool, not hip–you just look disgraceful, ridiculous and pathetic. For the record, your Al Sharpton looks like Mr. Potato Head, sans the charm. You want to hate and beat on ‘dem damn Crackers’…don’t be too surprised if you catch a War Arrow in the chest and start finding some of your ‘Homies’ scalped or missing their scrotums. We Women make pouches for tobacco from them, for our Men.

That is a Warning, and one you Black slags should listen to. Our nations, you play by OUR rules…or you pay the price for your criminal brutality. We don’t answer to your Liberal panderers, and we never will, especially as they are now busily conducting a 2nd Invasion of our lands with ‘refugees’ who Obama is bringing in as part of his gambit to build an artificial ‘voter’ base and further islamification of the Americas.

To non-Liberal Caucasians, I will say this…stop with the guilt the blacks demand as tribute. They feed and leech off it like parasites sucking blood from a host. The Past is The Past, to be Learned from, not dwelt in. Like us, you are now a minority in your population numbers. Now you have a taste of what it was like for us. Our Elders long ago knew that someday you would experience some event that would let your eyes see. Now, after generations of interbreeding and co-existence, it’s felt by many that we can now truly stand together–especially as these times bring with them The Enemy that seeks to eradicate us both. That enemy being islam, the UN, and all the rest of the machinations going on.

To you Liberals who pander to the islam, the Blacks, and go ass-up-head-down for the UN…you will not be missed.