One word:


Today, major issues with them, including some bleeding, and a massive storm rolling in. Right now, until I get some sinus meds on Friday or Saturday, I just cannot ‘keep up’ with facebook.

Seriously, when pressure is stressing bone…and it’s in your face that it’s happening with all the interconnected efferent nerves and crap…yeah, it’s a sleigh-ride through hell.

I’m in no mortal danger, but if some idiot breaks into the house…when I’m done it’ll look like he ran into a Werewolf.

I’m learning a lot about Pain, none of it fun.

But, it is Useful.

So, I might be limping…

But I am still in the Fight.

This weekend though…Vodka and sinus meds…although not together, so I’ll be my usual self, and the muzzies and their Limp-Leftist sympathizers better run fast, far and hide deep.

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