More than a few claim islam is a ‘religion of peace’. And they get really pissed when you start pointing out that it’s not–in light of things like all the massacres, Genocides, assaults, rape-jihad, etc. that are committed daily, Globally, by islam.

The, there are those who claim ‘it’s only a few’. Well, 20,000 terror attacks since the fateful day of 9/11. Now, 9/11 happened in 2001, so lets look at the math:

20,000 attacks since and I’ll be nice and only look back over the past 10 years to account for false claims and such.

That’s an average of 2000 terrorist attacks, by islam, per year. Or 5.4 Attacks per Day.

islam is a Lie, a grand deception of pretty-sounding words and false smiles. It IS in point of fact NOT a religion, and less than a true cult. What it is, is a Core of Totalitarian ideology just like the brand of communism practiced by Kim Jong Il, Pol Pot, Mao Tse Tung and the Fascism practiced by Hitler and Mussolini. It’s a hybrid of Totalitarian Fascism completely melded with cult mentality. It is a cult mentality based around mohammed, the conman, thief and reprobate who started up islam like a prototype for Jim Jones and Kim Jong Il.

Now, again, some will point to the ‘peaceful’ verses in islam and the quran…well, there’s the principle of Abrogation, and it’s a Core Principle in islam, and thus cannot be gotten around. Keep this in mind when folks assert the ‘peaceful’ verses. Abrogation means that later verses (such as the ones having to do with war, hatred, etc.) supersede and render the earlier verses about peace and tolerance utterly null, void and not to be followed. This also applies to the Hadiths and Bukhari…so, when they say the emulate mohammed, they’re focussing on the bloodthirsty megalomaniac that he revealed himself to be after islam had established it’s base.

So, it’s very easy to see that islam is NOT a religion, nor is it about peace…

Oh yes, how do muzzies describe ‘peace’?? …when all is made islamic, when all worship allah and either convert to islam or submit to enslavement under dhimmitude.

Now, some of you muzzies reading this are likely upset…too bad, the Truth hurts, suck it up. Also, spare me the death threats and save yourself looking like fools. I’m Pagan, and I’m not some keyboard-commando. The last muzzie that tangled with me I busted up so badly the EMT’s thought they were dealing with a high-speed vehicle collision on a pedestrian. Yes, I’m a housewife, and yes Husband has taught, trained and instructed me very thoroughly in how to Fight. NOT ‘women’s self defense’…I mean Fight. I have fought your brothers in islam everytime they’ve assaulted me and our family. Husband and I are still here.

As for being ‘Racist’…exactly WHAT ‘Race’ does is belong to again?? I will continue to call islam out on it’s atrocities, it’s multiple Genocides, it’s Lies and deceptions. And I strongly suggest you islami start getting your asses in gear and get to somalia. You have declared Open War against Humanity, Nature and Life itself in your using Forest Fires as a terror tactic. Paganity, and our allies, stand against you and you have the Choice of Exile & Quarantine in somalia–or Annihilation.

Humanity, this world, is not islam’s and never shall be. This is the century that islam Ends it’s 1400 year reign of terror and abomination.