Right now, some of you are thinking: ‘There’s no such thing!’ for various reasons–most likely having to do with the slowly-done-over-time PolCorr conditioning.

I have a Norse-Fair skin, but in going through a massive amount of things I inherited as the Last of my Lineage, I have found out that I have East Indian and Native American ancestors, and more than one of each.

So, my skin tone is a quirk, as I also have Spanish ancestors, I could have easily wound up with that skin tone–right now, with the summer sun, it’d be nice, as Norse skin is great in winter–NOT so great in summer. 😀

I don’t tan, I burn.

That said, since learning about my Ancestors, I’ve been thinking about where I stand on this pervasive and plain-wrong anto-Caucasian Racism I’ve been seeing and the comments from groups like The Black Panters (yes, there’s others) about ‘Exterminating white people’.

Okay, fine…so, what part of me are they gonna kill? Then there’s Husband, who has more than a few native American ancestors and Caucasian also.

Yeah, suddenly Race isn’t so cut-and-dried.

I refuse to feel ‘white guilt’ from the Marxist-Liberls, PolCorr yappers, and the increasingly Racist Black American organizations that make Unspeakably horrible statements–yet are never taken to task for such. My ancestors never held slaves, and never raided Africa. Nor did many other people’s ancestors–but all Caucasians get the ‘Kill Whitey’ crap.

My advice to all the butthurt Black American entity-groups is to Get Over The Past. Living in the hatred you cultivate from events over 2 centuries ago makes you look Stupid, immature, cretinous, slack-witted, and wholly without redeeming characteristics.

You want to compare History–Native American. Look that up. Yeah, the past had it’s bad spots–things happen. Now, there’s Mutual respect and assistance in preserving, recovering and keeping what there is left of Native culture, language and the like. Keep in mind, folks, that certain wrongful things were still being done vs. Natives even as recently as the 1970’s and displaced school-age children from the culture they were born into by force of law–and occasionally force of arms (Police).

But, that was the Past, and one does NOT get to the future by dwelling in the past cooking over the embers of past hate.

We figured it out, why haven’t you?

Now, about the ‘Extermination’ of Caucasians…you should really, seriously, give up that whole idea and stop yalling about it because you come off like Hitler, and also like islami bellowing their crap about Jewish folks and making up lies about them. Racist behaviour is Racist behaviour–and it matters not a bit if it’s Blacks vs. Whites or whatever…it’s stupid, immature, and Wrong. How does it help make a better world to live in for the children to come? Do you really want them growing up fuelled and driven by Hatred–knowing in your bones that it will likely end up as it usually does: In a life chopped short by violence that was baseless?

There’s so many people of African descent that are so Important!

Dr. Ben Carson, as one example…he’s a Neurolgical Surgeon, who specializes in treating and healing children.

Martin Luther King.

George Washington Carver,

Alex Haley…the list goes on.

Consider what your revered Ancestors would say if they could speak to you…is honoring them in living your life by Hatred in any way good? Respectful? You already know the answer, even if you never admit it to yourself.

And if you’re SO outraged by Africans enduring slavery…then why are you NOT working towards the modern slavery of them happening in the world?? 27 Million Africans are held in Slavery in islamic nations…think about that while your whinging about what happened over 200 years ago.