Shaw cable is a total rip-off corporation. But as they’re the Monopoly for cable television…well, then you pay what they demand.

Just recently, Shaw ‘upgraded’ their service, and this means you now have to have a cable box–even to get Domestic Canadian Channels.

But, not all of them.

Spike, Teletoon, and other channels we had before…we now have to pay extra for. So, either we pay $170.00 extra on top of what we were paying for a new package so we can have the channels we USED to have on our subscription…or do without.

So…to hell with it. We cancelled out TV subscription earlier today, and the idiot on the customer service line was asking ‘why’ about every 2 minutes–despite the detailed reasons I gave…and then talked up a storm to convince us to ‘just give the new service an honest trial’. Yeah, we gave it a couple days, and it’s awkward, unresponsive, expensive, and while we get the channels we could care less about…we got none of the channels we liked.

To Shaw, I will state the following; You are an Imperialistic, profiteering, useless, corrupt corporation and a total rip-off operation. And don’t think we don’t know how you paid off the CRTC to keep online services like HULU out of canada, the same way you battled against satellite access.

Your days are numbered, count them carefully.