As potus’ Sequester looms ever closer, let’s reflect on what this is really about. It’s really about preparing us for the agenda that potus and his minions have been working long and hard for. To take over a country there are specific steps that must be followed, including but not exclusively the following:
1. Take their arms or diminish greatly their ability to defend themselves by taking away the ammo necessary for said arms. 2. Strip their military back as far as you can because MOST OF OUR SOLDIERS WILL NOT TAKE UP THEIR WEAPONS AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.
3. Establish your OWN army..The DHS brown shirts.
4. Rid the Military of any high authority who will not condone turning weapons on your own people.
5. Through events either man-made or naturally occurring, use the results of said catastrophic events to throw areas into a state of disarray and then establish martial law in the wake of it all to assert control over the masses.
If anyone has any doubts about what the TRUE AGENDA is here…take off your rose colored glasses because THIS IS REAL AND DENYING IT ANY LONGER WILL COST YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES YOUR LIVES. Wake Up America!! ~br