You are a miserable little bastiche aren’t you…I’ve been following how you’re firing on my friend James, for what?
You’re a Classic leftist Drew, and a disgrace to Malehood and Maculinity.
Not that I suspect you have any knowledge of such…you likely talk a good game, but in the end, you’re just a limp-wristed pansy even the most flamery-flamer i know would oit-Man.
MEN are not such small-minded, petty, nasty, bilious, gutless threat-making cowards like you.
NOR do they make such bld accusations vs. a person who stated an opinion about the Police where he used to live.
Also, look up the data on the Torrance PD. I did, not that hard, mister-keyboard-wizard.

And I will be lurking on the web, buddy boy…if you actually are skilled and connected enough to gain access to my friend’s records, then you KNOW the penalties you face for Illegally accessing them and Publicizing them.
Or, didjya forget that minor point??

Drew, read back over how you’ve behaved…it’s now Public record and will be going up on my offsite blog immediately after this.

I Warned you, you didn’t listen…you have made your own problem, Drew.


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James Branzuela yeah I know first hand how much of an stupid asshole the torrance pd is they are really racist too
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Patrick Shirley He had a Honda pick up. Dorner drove a Nissan.
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Drew Miller OK, you are anti-police now crushin? Screw ups happen. Sometimes bad screw ups. The whole story wasn’t printed, and likely won’t be. Cops don’t open fire without a damn good reason. Don’t spread this garbage liberal media BS without filling in the blanks first.
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Drew Miller And James B — Fuck off. You are obviously a POS douche that has been caught doing bad things. Either that or you are a coward armchair QB that doesn’t have the balls to do anything yourself to try and make the world better. Don’t be such a whiny bitch.
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James Branzuela first of all I know and have had many run ins with the torrance pd and they are very much morons they even go after cops from other precincts who step in their jurisdiction and use racial profiling
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Drew Miller You are an idiot. And obviously have no idea what you are talking about.
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James Branzuela wow you sure know how to bend over for bent cops and yes I know what I’m talking about I lived in torrance CA for over 24 years and have seen these morons in action
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Drew Miller How many times have you been arrested? And what were the charges? I can find out myself and post it but you will save time by fessing up yourself.
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James Branzuela never been arrested because these morons had no right to pull me over
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Mike Daily Aren’t police supposed to arrest suspects so a court of law can determine guilt? Take the guns from cops if they can’t learn to control themselves and follow the law they are supposed to be enforcing. One of the reasons violence in America has escalated to current levels is the increased use of force by law enforcement on its employers (i.e. the taxpayers).
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James Branzuela yeah well these guys are trigger happy dumbass they’d rather let their guns do the talking they even pulled over my father who is marine vet because he had his seatbelt strap on his shoulder instead of across his neck and then made a point of giving him a ticket while talking down to him in front of his grandkids
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Drew Miller Right James, never been arrested huh? I’ll have a nice list of your charges here soon. That should explain your hatred of a specific department. Typical POS. Policing is the only job that everybody thinks they can do better than the people that actuall…See More
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James Branzuela never been arrested moron thats why I was able to get into the armed forces
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Drew Miller And Mike, cops pay taxes too. Wouldn’t that make them self employed? I’m surprised at the un American liberal spew that’s coming from this page.
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Drew Miller HAHA! just keep lying…I’ll have that list soon for the world to see.
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Crushin Libs I never said I was anti-cop… I saw the bullet holes in his truck and wanted to show every angle of the story… not anti-cop… I work for the sheriff’s dept…
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Drew Miller And what did you do in the “armed forces” James? Exactly?
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James Branzuela I was security forces or in another term MP
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Drew Miller Crushin, this one hits home for me. You should know if you work for an SO how much BS gets spread about police that’s not deserved. All these articles do is give ammo to idiots like my friend James.
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James Branzuela moron you have crossed someone who has home field knowledge of how the torrance pd works and you want to call my record into question these morons just shot up 3 women just a few days ago
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Drew Miller LOL or in another term James? I think you are completely full of shit. What branch? Where were you stationed? When? And yes, I’m calling everything about you into question. I think you are a liar and a coward.
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Drew Miller And a criminal!
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