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As you will see below, the true cause of the Rape Jihad that some people deny is actually all our fault, because we’re women.

via Gates of Vienna: Muslim Gang Rape Whitewashed in Britain.

New reports about “Asian” rape gangs appear almost every day in the British press, yet almost all media outlets and politicians are strangely reluctant to discuss the fact that most of these vile crimes are committed by Muslim immigrants and their descendants.

Paul Weston’s latest essay reviews the latest news about the rape epidemic and its enablers and apologists among Britain’s ruling elites.

Muslim Gang Rape Whitewashed in Britain
by Paul Weston

Wherever in the Western world you find large groups of Muslims, you also find a correspondingly large amount of gang rape with Muslims the perpetrators and native white girls the victims. I’m not sure what the rape statistics in Muslim-ruled countries are like, but one assumes they are lower than in the West simply because infidel girls are seen as permissible targets in the Dar al-Harb (the House of War).

Western women and girls do not yet seem aware of the Islamic requirement to swathe themselves in layers of black clothing in order to counter the sexual urges of predatory Muslim males. After the reporting of the Muslim gang rape epidemic in Australia, it fell to Sydney-based Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali, Australia’s senior Muslim cleric, to state what has since become painfully obvious to those who truly understand the sheer horror of Muslim attitudes toward non-Muslim women:

“If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside on the street, or in the garden or in the park, or in the backyard without a cover, and the cats come and eat it … whose fault is it, the cats or the uncovered meat? The uncovered meat is the problem….if she was in her room, in her home, in her hijab, no problem would have occurred.”

Muslim Gang Rape Whitewashed in Britain « Creeping Sharia.

To save eyestrain for my readers, I have not included the bulk of additional articles on this topic from Sweden, Norway, Belgium…

This is not an ‘islolated’ problem. It is not ‘misunderstanding islam’. It is not ‘islamophobia’ It is not ‘racism’.

Rape is worse than death in many ways for a woman. I’ve had some near-misses myself, and I have a couple of friends who have been raped. One was the victim of a Date Rape and the other was the survivor of a muslim Jihad-Rape, and they have helped me write this and I can assure you it was a trip through the 7 Hells for them.

You may disagree with my faith (Pagan), you might disagree with my politics and many of my views. Fine, live and let live. There is however one thing I won’t allow people to turn aside anymore–that being what the nature of Jihad-Rape is, how it works, and the fact that IT IS DELIBERATE.

I will tell you what rape is like, and if you have a weak stomach, then you’d better turn back now because this article is NOT for weaklings, Leftists, PolCorr types, or muzzie sympathizers.


Friend 1; Her experience was relatively ‘soft’ in that aside from being forced, restrained by being held down and stripped, she suffered little in the way of physical damage, Although the psychological effect is quite devastating. She is not the type who bemoans constantly her victimization, and agreed to help because she insists on fighting back, and counts her experience as motivation to ‘Get off my ass and do something besides exist.’

“Imagine being overwhelmed physically, pinned after struggling, and feeling your clothing being stripped off. No matter how much you beg, cry, it just seems to provoke a stronger reaction in the rapist. What goes through your mind; fear, outrage, anger, and the sickening feeling in the pit of your stomach that this is how you might become pregnant. Your mind flashes, at least mine did on those sci-fi movies with the things that clamp onto your face and force an embryo down your throat. Like that one in Antarctice with the Hunter-aliens? remember the chamber where the short-haired woman got one clamped onto her? Screaming and struggling, and she knew it was too late…same thing, that’s how it feels. You’re being taken for a purpose, you become a ‘thing’ you feel, and it’s sickening, galling…feeling something invade your body against your will and struggles. You don’t want to believe it’s happening, but you know it is. You feel your pussy clamp down, and try to keep the invader out, but it doesn’t work that way…and what makes it worse is because of that defense, you get to feel the insertion more. remember that scene in Prometheus, that bald alien guy at the end against that octopus-thing? How would you feel in his place? Beling restrained and held so you can’t fight–and something invading your body?? Same idea.”

Friend 2; Her experience was one that required surgery to recover from. The damage from the assault, did so much damage internally that she had to have a Hysterectomy to save her life. The damage to her vagina, labia was sever and also required surgery to repair, as well as her anus and lower rectum.