The Americas can be Disinfected of this kind of walking, drivelling colostomy bag within less than a Generation. The Disarmamentalists, the Anti-Constitutionalists, the Communists, Socialists, Collectivists, Leftists and muzzies are all attempting to destroy the Americas. I refer to ‘The Americas’ and include Canada in that as well–we have similar problems up here.
We The Citizenry, have been FAR too patient with this dreck-spewing filth. They flood our schools with Revisionist PolCorr-compliant History and ‘educators’ that openly espouse Communism, Socialism, Leftism and Fascism…all of which have presided over the worst incidents of Democide in history.
It’s time to round them up, strip them of Office, and all their perks, and give them the following Choice;
Death for Treason.
Or accepting Exile in Somalia…Banishment Eternal.
There’s NO negotiating with these morally and intellectually retarded sub-primates. We all know it, and enough time has been wasted on indulging them.
If we want The Americas back, so that we The Citizenry can rebuild them to what they were, we need to do some pest control…and chief among such is getting rid of the termites and parasites abusing their powers of office, abusing the Trust they were invested with, and trying to set themselves up as modern-day-would-be-god-kings.
They violate their Oaths.
They engage in Treason.
They work to undermine the Constitution and the foundations of Western Civilization.

They are working to Enslave You, your children, and annihilate your future as people…wanting you to become nothing more than expendable, spiritless worker-drones.


San Diego Police Chief: We Can Disarm Americans Within a Generation.